Lou Dobbs Sucks for Supporting & Praising Trump

Lou Dobbs claiming Trump is “Our Greatest President” shows how delusional and out of touch with reality he is.


Guess Who Comes In Last In New Ranking Of Presidents?

Historical Scholars Rank Trump as the WORST President in History (Source: politicalwire.com/2018/02/19/trump-stacks-presidents)


Lou Dobbs Praises Trump Like a Propaganda Minister

I think Lou Dobbs Sucks, is an idiot and is behaving like a Propaganda Minister for Praising Trump, when it’s clear Trump is a Wanna-be Dictator, the Worst President in History and a Lunatic to those of us who has a brain and is paying attention. Dobbs ignores and normalizes Trump’s outrageous, lawless and insane conduct to his clueless and uninformed viewers, causing great peril and harm to what little Democracy we have in the United States.


Description from YouTube: “Lou Dobbs: Trump Is The Smartest President In A LONG LONG Time”


Title from YouTube: “Lou Dobbs Justifies Running Over Innocent People”

Description from YouTube: “Lou Dobbs says the driver who ran over peaceful protesters is the real victim”.


Title from YouTube: “Fox News Host A Lying, Disingenuous Hack”

Description from YouTube: “Lou Dobbs pretended to care about press freedoms during the Obama Administration”.


Lou Dobbs is apparently upset with Lindsey Graham for not having bogus Senate hearings to SMEAR Joe Biden



Ex-Fox News Reporter Shreds and Exposes The ‘Partisan Misinformation’ At His Old Network


Former Fox News analyst says Fox has become ‘destructive propaganda machine’


Lots of examples shown in this video of what hypocrites Fox program hosts are…


Examples of how Conservative Pundits made false statements to their audience about the coronavirus which supported Trump’s false statements. This is a prime example of how listening to & believing false information can put your life at risk.



Growing up as a spoiled rich brat, Trump managed to evade consequences throughout his life for his rotten, disgusting, irresponsible and outrageous behavior. IMO no decent, intelligent person would or could support Trump or be friends with him.


Lou Dobbs has continued to promote, support and defend Trump after Trump confessed to sexually assaulting women.


News reports claim Trump knew since March that Putin had placed and paid the Taliban $$ bounties $$ to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. Any yet, Dobbs is promoting, supporting and defending this TRAITOR.


Trump had secret meetings with Putin in which Trump demanded no notes be kept. And yet Dobbs has continued to promote, support and defend Trump.


Title from Youtube: President Trump: My People Should Give Me The Attention Kim Jong Un Gets

During an interview with Fox News’s Steve Doocy Trump stated regarding North Korea’s brutal dictator Kim Jong Un; “He’s the head of a country and he’s the strong head. Don’t let anyone think anything different,” Trump said  “He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.


THIS is what TRUMP Wants and Expects!


Trump saying he has “Total Authority” over when to re-open the country and insinuating if States don’t follow his orders it would be Mutiny is yet another example that he is a Wanna-Be King & Dictator.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has, at every turn, advanced extreme legal arguments and made excuses to avoid the traditional oversight that previous presidents have accepted. In the process, he has negated the checks and balances that are at the heart of our constitutional system, and elevated himself to a king-like position.


This graphic accurately depicts how Trump has been subservient to Russia / Putin’s wishes. Republicans are doing nothing to “Defend and Protect” the United States from this foreign adversary which is dedicated to our destruction.


It’s unfortunate than Lou Dobbs choose the wrong side of the political spectrum. He was well respected during his earlier years at CNN and had the potential to be another (well respected) Hugh Downs.

I used to like Lou when he was on CNN until it became clear during the election campaigns in 2008 that he did not like Barack Obama and had negative things to say about him at every opportunity. I also noticed he was constantly going after Latinos. His attacking Latinos coupled with his attacks on Obama made it appear that Dobbs was a Racist, so I completely stopped watching him. Not long afterwards, Dobbs parted company with CNN.

After Barack Obama became president Lou NEVER had anything good to say about him.

I now think Lou Dobbs is a authoritarian enabling IDIOT who belongs in a Banana Republic Dictator regime as a Propaganda Minister on state ran TV. He (and those who support TRUMP) are a disgrace to all who fought & died so we could have what freedom we have. I think Dobbs should pack up and move to Russia or North Korea.

I’d have no problem stating everything I’ve stated on this website on every TV Network if I’m ever given the opportunity. I have no fear of anything or anyone.


Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs says Trump should declare an emergency, ‘simply sweep aside the recalcitrant left’

Many Republicans – and even Fox News morning hosts – think President Trump would be making a big mistake by declaring a national emergency to get around Congress’ refusal to give him money for his border wall. But the media personalities closest to Trump are encouraging him to go all in and find some way to thwart congressional Democrats and fund his wall.

Fox Business “Propaganda Minister” Lou Dobbs says Trump should declare an emergency, ‘simply sweep aside the recalcitrant left’.


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs tweets phone number and address of Donald Trump sexual assault accuser

Jessica Leeds, the 74-year-old former traveling businesswoman who accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her three decades ago on a first-class flight to New York, is now the target of a high-reaching doxing campaign. Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Thursday retweeted Leeds’ phone number and address as indication of her ties to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to Business Insider.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs tweets phone number and address of Donald Trump sexual assault accuser… WHAT A POS!


For those who are unaware, the United States ranks 25th in the World due to Republicans anti-democrats policies and conduct.



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