Was the 2022 Florida Gubernatorial Race Rigged?

Democrats turning out in high numbers across the U.S. is why the “Red Wave” didn’t happen. It defies logic that Democrats turned out in other states but NOT in Florida.  Florida Republicans history of using unethical, underhanded tactics to suppress Democratic voters raises questions whether DeSantis won the 2022 Gubernatorial Race legitimately or was it rigged?

An old saying goes; “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes”.


A poll from The Political Matrix/Listener Group showed Charlie Crist leading Florida Ron DeSantis in the gubernatorial race as of Sep 26, 2022


Republicans dominated Florida elections. What happened to Democrats?

Florida’s voter turnout for Democrats was an outlier compared to the rest of the country.

Per the above article: “Republicans dominated Florida elections. What happened to Democrats? Florida’s voter turnout for Democrats was an outlier compared to the rest of the country“.

Statewide, nearly two-thirds of registered Republicans showed up to the polls, compared to just half of registered Democrats, according to a Tampa Bay Times analysis.

Nationwide, it makes Florida an outlier. Despite predictions of dominant Republican performance across the board, Democrats in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan found success. Across the nation, Democrats put up tight margins — all of which makes Florida’s poor Democratic performance, and low turnout, more stark“.


As pointed out in the Tampa Bay Times, “Florida’s voter turnout for Democrats was an outlier compared to the rest of the country“. Florida voter registration data indicates in 2022, there are 4,970,554 registered Democrat voters and 4,008,962 Non-Party Affiliated voters, and yet Charlie Crist only received 3,105,469 votes.

The huge difference in Democrat’s vote count between 2018 of 4,043,723 and 2022 of 3,105,469 (a drop of almost a million votes) is remarkable. The fact that there’s a total 4,970,554 registered Democrats in Florida and yet Charlie Crist only received 3,105,469 votes, is unbelievable.


When you subtract 3,105,469 who voted for Crist, minus the total 4,970,554 registered Democrats in Florida, the total comes to 1,865,085 who supposedly didn’t vote for Democrat Charlie Crist. On top of that is the 4,008,962 no Party Affiliation voters. It’s reasonable to assume some of them would have voted for Crist.

The total registered Florida Voters (per Florida voter stats) is 14,539,989. The total votes for all Florida Gubernatorial candidates (DeSantis, Crist, Gimenez and Roos) was 7,770,109.

14,539,989 registered voters – 7,770,109 who voted = 6,769,880 who didn’t vote. It’s hard to believe that many registered voters didn’t vote.

Democrats turning out across the United States in high numbers is why the “Red Wave” didn’t happen. Are we to believe Democrats turned out in other states, but not in Florida?


Florida voters claim they were duped into changing party affiliations

Some residents in Miami say their voter registration was unknowingly changed from Democrat to Republican. CNN’s Randi Kaye reports on why one Florida lawmaker is calling for an investigation into voter registration tactics.


Description from YouTube; “Republicans caught planning massive voter fraud in a mind blowing new report from Politico”


Florida prosecutor investigating after elderly voters registered as Republicans without consent

Elderly Florida residents say canvassers in GOP hats changed registrations without their knowledge in voting “scam.”

As reported by Salon and other publicans; Miami-Dade Elections Department data shows that more than 5,000 registered Democrats have switched their party registration to Republican in the 2021-22 cycle. A growing number of seniors told WPLG that their party affiliation had been switched without their permission or knowledge“. “An 84-year-old Little Havana woman first told the outlet in December that she signed paperwork brought by canvassers without realizing that they were registering her as a Republican. More residents soon came forward. “I didn’t do anything, but they changed the party,” Juan Carlos Salazar, an elderly public housing resident in Little Havana, told WPLG, adding he only noticed “when they sent me the new registration.”


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Republicans Busted In Massive Florida Voter Fraud Scheme

Per the above article:The state Republican Party of Florida changed the voter registration of hundreds of low-income voters to Republican without their consent. An investigation by the Miami Herald found:”

The pattern was repeated in low-income housing complexes throughout Hialeah and Little Havana, a Herald investigation found. A team of reporters visited eight locations where voter registration data showed unusually high numbers of voters switching from one party to another last year.

The reporters knocked on every door where someone’s party affiliation had changed. Four out of every five voters who spoke to the Herald — 141 in total — said that their party affiliation had been changed without their knowledge. In all but six cases, records show they were registered as Republicans by canvassers from the Republican Party of Florida. (Four of the others had recently moved and their registrations were sent through the DMV. And the remaining two were registered as Republicans, but by Democratic Party canvassers, records show.)

Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) wrote to Attorney General Garland and requested a Department of Justice investigation after it was reported that the same fraud was perpetrated against senior citizens in Miami-Dade County. The Herald has advanced the story and provided a key piece of evidence by confirming that the voter registrations in Little Havana were changed by people who were working for the state Republican Party. The fraud wasn’t carried about by a shadowy super PAC but by the Republican Party in Florida.

Republicans are cheating in Florida. The voters’ civil rights are being violated, and the Department of Justice must step in with criminal charges“.

This proves Florida Republicans engaged in unethical activities to affect the 2022 election outcome.


Turnout Was a Big Problem for Democrats in Major Florida Counties

Only about half of the Democrats in Florida showed up for Tuesday’s election while around two-thirds of Republicans voted.

Per the above article; DeSantis flipped counties President Joe Biden won in 2022: Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Duval.

In Miami-Dade County, there are 135,229 more registered Democrats than Republicans, but more Republicans showed up: 61% of registered Republicans voted and only 46% of Democrat registered voters.

There are 106,299 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Palm Beach County. 55% of registered Democrats showed up and 66% of Republicans showed up.

The same thing happened in Central and North Florida in several major urban areas. There are 53,156 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Hillsborough County but only 39% of Democrats showed up and 44% of Republicans showed up to vote.

In North Florida’s Duval County, there are 31,173 more registered Democrats than Republicans, but 65% of Republican voters voted compared to 49% of Democrats.

There is a big chunk of no party affiliated voters across Florida who broke for DeSantis and Rubio as well.

The above stats shows a highly irregular, unexplained, decrease in democrat votes which should be investigated. It defies logic that Democrats turned out “in high numbers” in other states, but not in Florida.


“Republicans’ Emails Prove Florida Voting Law Was All About Suppressing Democratic Voters”

“Emails and text messages obtained by Politico by Republican lawmakers in Florida have provided proof that the state’s recent voter suppression bill – signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in an exclusive event aired on Fox News – was only about suppressing Democratic votes and NOT about rooting out fraud. This isn’t a surprise to anyone on the Left, but the emails could easily help lawsuits seeking to get the law thrown out”.


Clint Curtis, a veteran computer programmer, testifies at a U.S. Congressional Hearing about being contacted by a Florida Republican to rig Florida’s elections.

This shows Florida Republicans history of being interested in rigging / flipping elections so it would be undetectable. When you consider how much technology has advanced in over 20 years, plus the ruthless one party rule of Florida Republicans and the unusual low vote count of Democrats in Florida (called an ‘outlier’ by the Tampa Bay Times), it’s reasonable to question the outcome of the 2022 Florida Gubernatorial Race.


In the above video, a computer programmer (Clint Curtis) testified to a congressional committee that in October of 2000, he wrote a program for a prominent Florida Republican (Tom Feeney, who was Speaker of the House, per testimony in the above video) which could flip votes and be undetectable. In September 2006, Feeney was named one of the “20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress”.


Writer and author Thom Hartman discusses exit polls which showed Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump in states like Florida. Also discussed is a Voter Suppression tactic Republicans has been using for the last 50 years called “Redshift”.


2016 Election: EXIT POLL DISPARITIES: A Blazing Red Flag


Guess Who Counts Your Vote? For-Profit Private Companies



Republicans has been engaging in “Dirty Tricks Politics” for years, including various forms of election rigging (instances listed on this page) which shows what Republicans are capable of.



‘Dark Money” Campaign helped prop up Phantom Candidates in three Florida State Senate races

CNN reports how Republicans used “dirty tricks” to Rig Three (3) 2020 Florida State Senate Elections with Dark Money and 3rd Party Phantom Candidates.


Florida Republicans Create A Poll Tax To Keep People From Voting

Florida Republicans are some of the worst Republicans in this country. After a vast majority of Florida voters passed an amendment this past November giving former felons their right to vote back, the Republicans who control this state went into hyperdrive to prevent these men and women from getting their rights back. They’ve now instituted what amounts to a modern-day poll tax to prevent 1.4 million new voters from going to the polls.


FL GOP Voter suppression strategies go beyond voter ID laws

Jim Greer, stated “I sat in on many meetings where it was discussed how to make sure what happened in 2008, when Obama brought out the college-aged voters, the minority voters, never happened again”.


Former FL GOP chair says ‘right-wing crazies’ want to suppress black vote

Former Florida Republican Party Chair Jim Greer testified in a lawsuit filed against his former party that “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies” wanted to suppress the black vote through Voter ID and tactics like current state Gov. Rick Scott’s efforts to purge voter rolls.


91-Year-Old Decorated WWII Veteran Targeted By Republican’s Voter Purge

Florida Republicans took voter suppression to brazen extremes. After the 2010 election, Republican Gov. Rick Scott instructed Secretary of State Ken Browning to compile a massive database of alleged “non-citizen” voters. This resulted in a 91-year-old World War II veteran who won a Bronze star being told by the state of Florida to prove he is a citizen or be removed from voter roll.



The 2000 election was rigged before the first vote was cast.

Jeb Bush was the Republican Governor of the State of Florida and brother of the Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush.

Republican Secretary of State, Katherine Harris was also co-chair of Bush’s Florida campaign, clearly a conflict of interest in conducting a fair and impartial election. Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris promised to “Deliver Florida” to George W. Bush as reported in numerous newspaper articles.


Secretary of State, Katherine Harris and Governor Jeb Bush had the motive and the means to make sure Florida’s decisive electoral votes were “delivered” to George W. Bush.

They accomplished this by illegally purging thousands of black voters off of the Florida voter rolls, ensuring a rigged, unfair advantage to George W. Bush, as shown in the above video.

As shown in the “2000 Election Rigged for Bush” video, ChoicePoint / DBT was given a $4 million no-bid contract under the Jeb Bush administration which wrongly and illegally purged thousands of African Americans from the Florida voter rolls.


Jame Lee, Vice President of Choicepoint / DBT testified to a panel called by US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney that the State of Florida Division of Elections stated it only wanted 80% accuracy on the list. In other words, to be identified as a convicted felon, one only need to have a similar name to that as someone listed on a Texas convicted felon’s list. You can view Mr. Lee’s testimony in the above video.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice “Florida registrants were purged from the rolls if 80 percent of the letters of their last names were the same as those of persons with criminal convictions. Those wrongly purged included Reverend Willie D. Whiting Jr., who, under the matching criteria, was considered the same person as Willie J. Whiting. Without specific guidelines for or limitations on the authority of election officials conducting purges, eligible voters are regularly made unnecessarily vulnerable. As it turned out, almost everyone on the Florida purged voters list had the right to vote”.


Antonin Scalia and his Corporate Republican appointed majority of 5 “justices” subverted democracy & engaged in partisan politics by stopping the 2000 election vote count. The above video explains the shocking details.

This caused George W. Bush to be installed as President. At the time the votes were stopped by the Supreme Court, there were only 154 votes separating Al Gore from George W. Bush (as detailed in the above video).

With only 154 votes separating Al Gore from George W. Bush, it’s easy to see how purging thousands of black voters being off of the Florida voter rolls rigged the 2000 election and handed it to George W. Bush on a Silver Platter.

If all of the illegally disqualified voters had been allowed to vote and all votes counted, the total votes would have decisively shown Al Gore to be the winner of the State of Florida and therefore the Presidency.

It was the Jeb Bush Administration’s illegal voter purge and Republicans who subverted Democracy by not allowing the votes to be counted that caused the installation of George W. Bush and the US to have a conservative majority in the Supreme Court.


Let’s not forget that Al Gore received 543,895 more votes than George W. Bush. Al Gore was the majority of American’s choice for president so Democracy was violated.

This is another example of how elections are “rigged” for Republicans… so even when they “lose”… they “WIN”.




As stated in the above article, “John Bolton was one of the pack of lawyers for the Republican presidential ticket who repeatedly sought to shut down recounts of the ballots from Florida counties before those counts revealed that Gore had actually won the state’s electoral votes and the presidency”.

“Miami-Dade County Elections Supervisor David Leahy argued at the time that 2,257 voters had apparently attempted to mark ballot cards for Gore or Bush but had not had them recorded because they had been improperly inserted into the voting machines. A hand count of those ballots revealed that 302 more of them would have gone for Gore than Bush. That shift in the numbers from just one of Florida’s 67 counties would have erased more than half of Bush’s 537-vote lead in the state”.

“But attempts to conduct a hand count were repeatedly blocked by the Bush-Cheney team, culminating with Bolton’s December 9 announcement that, “I’m here to stop the count.” A few days later, the U.S. Supreme Court would stop the count permanently, with a pro-Bush ruling in which five Republican-appointed justices, in the words of noted attorney Vincent Bugliosi, “committed the unpardonable sin of being a knowing surrogate for the Republican Party instead of being an impartial arbiter of the law.”


2000 Election GOP House Thugs “Brooks Brothers Riot” also helped stop the Florida Recount which might have declared Al Gore the winner.


In this clip from the 2015 CNN documentary Bush v Gore, John “Mac” Stipanovich admits Republicans were determined to stop the vote count to make sure George W. Bush was installed as President. This proves Republicans only cared about winning and to HELL with Democracy and the will of the American people.


According to Lance deHaven-Smith, in his book entitled The Battle for Florida…

Top Republicans used the powers of their offices to inject partisanship and instill fear down through the ranks of the state bureaucracy. In 1998 political operatives working for the Speaker of the house secretly examined voter registration records to learn the party affiliations of specific state employees and to identify agencies with high concentrations of Democrats.

After it was determined that the most Democratic agency in the state government was the Florida Department of education, the department was restructured and the positions of many of its employees were eliminated. Florida law forbids any consideration of partisan orientations in state hiring, firing, and contracting, but it fails to contemplate the more sinister possibility that highly partisan elected officials might purge the state bureaucracy indirectly by reorganization and privatization.

According to hermes-press.com, “No sooner had he taken the oath of office than Jeb Bush began ferreting out and replacing Democrats throughout Florida state government, his first purge of Democratic voters. Jeb and his cohorts let special interests know that they expected political donations of $2 for every $1 donated to Democrats or defaulters would lose access to the governor and the legislative leadership“.


On Election Day 2000, rich white Republican voters stood in short lines and used up-to-date equipment, including electronic machines that let them correct their ballots.

African-American Voters Blocked from Reaching Polling Places by Police Roadblocks

Things were different in black districts. Some voters were flagged down at roadblocks, where highway patrol officers checked their drivers’ licenses. This was documented in sworn testimony to The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. (Click here for more details).

Others waited in long lines for an inadequate number of booths and ancient recording equipment. All too often, innocent citizens whose names appeared on the ex-felons list were informed for the first time that they could not vote when they showed up at the polling place.

Some votes were simply trashed by ballot handlers. In Duval County, 27,000 ballots were discarded, over half of them from black precincts in Jacksonville. No official challenges were filed within the 72-hour time limit, so thousands of mostly Democratic votes were lost. Sixteen-thousand votes for Gore disappeared overnight from the ongoing Volusia County tally and were reinstated only when an election supervisor questioned the subtraction of already registered votes. No voting machine company representative or election official was able to explain what happened.

Greg Palast, an award-winning American reporter based in England, broke the story of the scrub list and documented its sleazy origins in The Observer, London, November 26, 2000. Updates, as well as each edition of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy have added irrefutable, hard evidence of fraud. (Palast’s most recent estimate of all qualified Florida voters barred from casting a ballot in Election 2000 stands at 90,000.)

The story was huge in Europe, but the American press ignored it completely. Massive civil rights violations that subverted an election just didn’t resonate with the mainstream press. On January 10, 2001, lawyers acting for the NAACP sued and won their case against ChoicePoint’s DBT, Secretary of State Katherine Harris (who coincidentally was enthusiastically co-chairing the Bush campaign), and Bush loyalist Clay Roberts, Director of the Division of Elections. In July 2002, to atone for its staggering error rate of 95%, DBT agreed to remove innocent voters from the now infamous list of purported ex-felons. (In 2002, the purge list hadn’t been corrected. In 2004, another suspicious list appeared. (end quote from hermes-press)


The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 2000 Election Investigation Recommended that the U.S. Department of Justice should “immediately initiate the litigation process against the governor” (Jeb Bush)

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights conducted an extensive public investigation of allegations of voting irregularities during the 2000 presidential election in Florida.

“There emerges a confluence of circumstances that indicates intimidation and harassment of the Florida voters, and that was set in motion long before the November election,” said Commissioner Victoria Wilson of the US Commission on Civil Rights in their report, “Voting Irregularities in Florida During the 2000 Presidential Election.” Issued June 8, 2001, the report accuses Florida election officials of “gross dereliction” and “injustice.”

To follow is some of the text from the report at http://www.usccr.gov/pubs/vote2000/report/ch9.htm

“Voting Irregularities in Florida During the 2000 Presidential Election”

“The investigation, utilizing the Commission’s subpoena power, included three days of hearings, more than 30 hours of testimony, 100 witnesses, and a systematic review of more than 118,000 pages of pertinent documents.

Responsibility Without Accountability

Florida’s governor is the state’s chief executive officer who “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Florida’s secretary of state is the chief election officer and oversees the Division of Elections. Each county has an elected supervisor of elections, except one. Together, the secretary of state and the county supervisors of elections preside over Florida’s elections.

Governor John Ellis Bush

When asked about his responsibilities to ensure the election laws of Florida were faithfully executed during the November 2000 election, Governor Bush testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that he had no real legal authority over election matters except for certifying the election and serving as a member of the state canvassing board. He indicated that he recused himself from participating on the state canvassing board because his brother was one of the presidential candidates. Governor Bush testified that “governors have the moral authority . . . to make sure that the laws, not only the state laws, but . . . also federal laws are upheld. . . .” When asked what authority and responsibility he had regarding preparation for the 2000 presidential election, Governor Bush testified that he had none and that “the secretary of state and the 67 supervisors of elections were responsible for that, and they carried out their duties.”

Under the Florida Constitution, the governor is charged with ensuring that “the laws be faithfully executed,” a responsibility Governor Bush apparently delegated to others with respect to elections. Under Florida election law, the governor is also specifically empowered to “appoint special officers to investigate alleged violations of the election laws . . .” Governor Bush testified that he had not appointed any officers to do any investigation of alleged irregularities surrounding the November 2000 election but would “if there was a reason to do so.” As of the date of this report there is no indication that the governor has exercised this authority by appointing special officers to investigate the widespread allegations of violations of the Florida election law”.


Despite the closeness of the election, it was widespread voter disenfranchisement, not the dead-heat contest, that was the extraordinary feature in the Florida election.

Disenfranchisement of Florida voters fell most harshly on the shoulders of African Americans. Statewide, based on county-level statistical estimates, African American voters were nearly 10 times more likely than white voters to have their ballots rejected in the November 2000 election.


  • The U.S. Department of Justice should immediately initiate the litigation process against the governor, secretary of state, director of the Division of Elections, specific supervisors of elections, and other state and local officials responsible for the execution of election laws, practices, and procedures, regarding their contributions, if any, to the extraordinary racial disparity in the rate that votes were rejected, through their actions or failure to act before and during the 2000 presidential election, in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended. Appropriate enforcement action should be initiated to ensure full compliance with the election laws.
  • The Civil Rights Division in the Office of the Florida Attorney General should initiate the litigation process against state election officials who violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended, and/or Title IX of the Florida statutes through their actions or failure to act before, during, and after the November 2000 election. Based on the results of the investigation, appropriate enforcement action should be initiated to ensure full compliance with the election laws.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice and the Civil Rights Division in the Office of the Florida Attorney General should initiate the litigation process against all state election officials who through their actions or failure to act violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended, by not obtaining preclearance either from the federal district court of Washington, D.C., or the U.S. attorney general. Based on the results of the investigation, appropriate enforcement action should be initiated to ensure full compliance with the election laws”.


Note that the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recommended that the “U.S. Department of Justice should immediately initiate litigation process against the governor, secretary of state, director of the Division of Elections, specific supervisors of elections, and other state and local officials responsible for the execution of election laws”.


The above video explains how Ohio Election Computers were designed by a Republican IT professional to be re-routed to a voting tabulator in Tennessee, then flipped to favor Bush and how the man who designed the system died mysteriously in a plane crash soon after giving a deposition. Attorney Robert J. Fitrakis who wrote a book with Harvey Wasserman; “What Happened in Ohio: A Documentary Record of Theft And Fraud in the 2004 Election” has stated that he has proof of 2004 Election rigging which would stand up in court.


Vindictive Ron DeSantis pretends to celebrate free speech and business, yet used the power of the government to PUNISH Tampa Bay Rays after they supported of gun safety. PUNISHING Tampa Bay Rays after they exercised their 1st amendment rights of freedom-of-speech is Anti-democratic, Authoritarian FASCISM.


Vindictive Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., vetoed $35 million in state funding for a new Tampa Bay Rays training facility reportedly due to the team tweeting awareness about gun violence


Vindictive DeSantis Attacks “Freedom of Speech” by going after Disney’s Special Status. This is Anti-democratic, Authoritarian FASCISM


Florida Republicans Push State Into Full Blown Fascism

Description from Youtube: “Republican-controlled Florida legislature has passed a bill that would force college professors to be recorded in the state, and once a year they would be forced to undergo questioning about their personal political beliefs. Many students would also be subjected to the same kind of questioning. This is actual fascism in the United States, and the Republicans in Florida say that they are doing this to stomp out “cancel culture.”


DeSantis ‘God Made a Fighter’ who was ‘Anointed By God’ Propaganda Political ad gives insight to what a Delusional, Self Aggrandizing, Radical Right Wing Religious Fanatic Ron DeSantis is. Anyone who thinks they’re ‘Anointed By God’ to hold a position in Government would likely feel they have ABSOLUTE authority to get what they want and do what they want, unimpeded.


DeSantis Proves He’s An Asshole by Berating Students Wearing Masks

“At an event at USF, Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis was caught on camera berating students for wearing masks on stage. The angered governor told the students that they didn’t have to wear them because they allegedly “do nothing” and then he accused them of engaging in “COVID theater.” The only one engaging in theater is the idiot governor who refuses to understand science, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains”.


Today’s Republicans exhibit behavior of Fascist Authoritarians. Here’s just a few examples…

1. Attacking and Punishing those who engage in Freedom of Speech – DeSantis and Florida Republicans Punished the Tampa Bay Rays and Disney after they exercised their 1st amendment rights to freedom-of-speech… by going after Disney’s Special Status and vetoed $35 million in state funding for a new Tampa Bay Rays training facility after the team tweeted awareness about gun violence.

2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights – Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored. DeSantis and Republicans laws making it legal to run over and KILL protestors and Laws making protesting a felony is an example.

3 Religion and Government are Intertwined – Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government’s policies or actions.

4. Corporate Power is Protected – The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.

5. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts – Fascist nations tend to promote and tolerate open hostility to higher education, and academia. It is not uncommon for professors and other academics to be censored or even arrested. Free expression in the arts and letters is openly attacked.

6. Obsession with Crime and Punishment – Under fascist regimes, the police are given almost limitless power to enforce laws. The people are often willing to overlook police abuses and even forego civil liberties in the name of patriotism. There is often a national police force with virtually unlimited power in fascist nations.

7. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism – Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays.

8. Manipulate & Control elections – Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even assassination of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Fascist nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate & control elections.

We saw this type of conduct out of Republicans in the 2000 and 2020 elections. It was on full display in the Republican dominated Supreme Court, when they REFUSED to stop Partisan Gerrymandering which Republicans has been using for years to rig elections in their favor.


When you look at Florida Republican’s history of unethical, underhanded tactics to suppress Democratic voters, DeSantis ruthless, tyrannical conduct, the dramatic difference between the 2018 & 2022 elections, the unusual low Democrat vote count, how Florida Republicans has used every unscrupulous tactic imaginable to suppress Democrat’s votes, there’s legitimate reasons to question weather DeSantis won the 2022 Gubernatorial Race legitimately or if the election was rigging was involved.






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