Preacher Threatens Church Members Who Wear Masks

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Videos from Rebel HQ shows a screaming redneck Preacher who threatens Church Members who wear masks gets called out in the video below by a Biblical Expert Curtis Chang.


Right Wing Lunatic Greg Locke gets schooled by a Biblical Expert Curtis Chang


If You’re A Christian Who Votes Republican Then You’re A Hypocrite

There is no area where the Republican Party and Christianity intersect, and yet far too many Christians claim that they vote for Republicans on religious grounds. This is pure hypocrisy – you can’t be both a good Christian and a Republican loyalist, as the two truly are mutually exclusive.


Per the post above; “Radical right-wing pastor Greg Locke used his Sunday service to attack members of his own congregation as hypocrites for complaining that he uses his sermons to rant about politics and spread conspiracy theories: “You can leave any time you want to.”

I was raised Catholic and never seen a priest behave like this “Preacher”. I’m certain if they did they would have immediately been thrown out of the church and ex-communicated.

In my opinion this guy is no Christian or Religious person or “Man of God” at all… he acts NUTS, like a LUNATIC, a dumb-ass REDNECK and an asshole who has severe anger & aggression issues who wants to beat the shit out someone.

Hard to believe he has a congregation of people who will listen to him screaming at them and take his shit!

Just another example of what LUNATICS Right-Wingers are!


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