Why Trump Won’t Win the 2024 Election

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Thom Hartmann gives 16 reasons why Trump won’t win the 2024 Presidential Election

1. Trump has already proven that he can’t beat Biden. He lost by 7 million votes. Do you think a lot of those 7 million people are going to say oh yeah well you know I think I’ll go back and vote for Trump in 2024. Don’t think so

2. In 2022 and 2023 in elections all across the the nation there was no Red Wave. In fact Republicans are consistently losing elections

3. His legal troubles will only continue to get worse. In the last year or so he faced three civil trials and he promply lost all three of them and the next four cases are criminal cases beginning March 24th shich you know are even more of a threat to him because they include the possibility that he could end up in prison.

4. He paid hush money to cover up Affairs and he falsified his business records this is not a man of high moral standing this is not the kind of person that you want as president of the United States.

5. The White House documents violations of the Espionage Act case is an unusually dangerous and complex case for both Trump and the nation and it raises the question you know where is that 10-inch binder full of raw Russian intelligence um you know where are the missing documents that we still don’t know where they are what did Rand Paul what were the documents that Donald Trump gave Rand Paul to to fly to Russia and hand off to Putin

6. He attempted to overthrow the US presidential election in 2020. A lot of people are going to hold that against him including a lot of Republicans

7. Incumbency is always a formidable Advantage for an elected office. Joe Biden is the incumbent this year which gives him a huge Advantage. But Donald Trump was the incumbent four years ago and he lost which means that he’s even weaker than we thought.

8. Trump the candidate at quarterback of his own campaign is his own Worst Enemy. Like he said about Israel… yes go finish the job against the Palestinians.

9. Trump is losing it. He’s nowhere near his mental and rhetorical skills of 2016 you know Biden continues to struggle with a stutter but he’s pretty much the same guy he was 5 – 10 years ago
number nine gen Z is already signaling strongly that they will be out in force in 2024. Based on an in-depth ipsos Circle poll on November 23rd, youth voters have said that quote 57% are extremely likely to vote this year and another 15% are fairly likely to vote. And if that happens it will surpass the 2020 record for Zoomers of 52% turnout

10 Abortion rights is a losing issue for Trump and the Republicans this year year. In fact, in those cases where abortion rights were on the ballot eight states pro-abortion rights side won eight out of eight

11. The Republican Party is a dumpster fire colliding with a train wreck of radioactive waste!

Arizona and Nevada’s GOP uh you know Republican parties are broke in Michigan they’re having an you know a war an internal War you know and Republican representatives are are embracing a number of
legislative priorities that are just stupid like for example refusing to bring to the floor the Border Bill, refusing to give military assistance to Ukraine refusing to give military assistance to Israel refusing, to give military assistance to Taiwan and the inability to pass even a budget

12. Swing states look stable or better as we enter 2024. The Biden Harris team is putting a $100 million into their campaign in the Swing States

13. Polls of candidates one year out are even less predictive than those a few weeks out. it’s important to remember that at this point in 2012 uh John McCain was out polling Barack Obama at this point in the Harry Truman race Harry Truman’s approval numbers were around 36%. This far out, polls are meaningless.

14. Major donors to Reps are sitting tight on their money.

15. It’s the economy, stupid. Two months into 2024 the US economy is still remarkably resilient Joe Biden has created more jobs than the last three Republican presidents combined inflation is down where it was in the 1960s inflation is is you know in the neighborhood of 3% which is typically a fed target range they’re saying they want 2% but it’s low, black unemployment Hispanic unemployment lower than it’s ever been in the history of the United States white unemployment as low as it was in the 1960s wages are going up the economy is doing well.

16 The MAGA Agenda: The latest demonstration that the MAGA movement is out of touch with American families is the Alabama Supreme Court designating an embryo as a person. Even Republicans see the flashing red warning signs of the political repercussions of this idiosyncratic and out-of-touch decision.


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