Tucker Carlson Promotes Conspiracy that FBI Planned Capitol Riot

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Fox News Tucker Carlson promoting new baseless conspiracy theory that the FBI planned the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6.



Acosta awards Carlson ‘BS factory employee of the month’ distinction

CNN’s Jim Acosta slams Republicans and members of the right-wing media who continue to embrace a false conspiracy theory that claims the FBI orchestrated the Capitol insurrection.


Why isn’t Fox News fact-checking Carlson’s January 6 claim?

CNN’s Brian Stelter emailed Fox News a number of questions about host Tucker Carlson’s claim that the FBI was behind the January 6 Capitol insurrection and why their team of journalists have not investigated the veracity of the allegations.


Frank Figliuzzi Torches Tucker Carlson’s FBI False Flag Lie


Judge Rules Tucker Carlson Is Not a Credible Source of News

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Fox News won a court case by ‘persuasively’ arguing that no ‘reasonable viewer’ takes Tucker Carlson seriously

A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit against Fox News after lawyers for the network argued that no “reasonable viewer” would take the network’s primetime star Tucker Carlson seriously. The former Playboy model Karen McDougal filed a defamation suit against Fox alleging that Carlson slandered her during a December 2018 episode of his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


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