Video Proves Ted Cruz is a LIAR

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Ted Cruz Lies About January 6 Protestors Being Peaceful

Video proves Ted Cruz to be a lying partisan hack claiming on Fox News, January 6 “Protestors” (actually Rioters) were peaceful while he calls Abortion Rights Protestors THUGS. Cruz accuses “Democrats & the Corporate Media” of slandering January 6 Rioters. Fox News is complicit in perpetuating the lie by failing to state the facts about January 6 and push back.


Ted Cruz ABSOLUTELY ROASTED using his own words in Viral Supercut

Ted Cruz shamelessly smeared peaceful protesters speaking out against the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade while defending the January 6 insurrection. Francis Maxwell rolls the tape and exposes Ted’s hypocrisy.



Wow, Ted Cruz’s Take on January 6 Sure Has Evolved!

Ted Cruz, the guy who puts Family First unless it’s politically inconvenient, has some new thoughts on January 6. Like many Republican members of Congress, the Texas senator was relatively chastened in the aftermath of the Capitol riot.


Ted Cruz Slammed By Father Of Former Marine

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