MAGA REPUBLICAN George Santos Under MEGA Investigations!

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Radical Right Wing MAGA REPUBLICAN George Santos: Under investigation from Local, State and Federal Prosecutors, PLUS FEC and Brazilian Prosecutors

Legal AF host, Michael Popok, reports on breaking new developments in the evolving con and fraud of Republican Rep. Elect George Santos, with State, County, and Federal prosecutors all targeting him for potential fraud in his finances, illegal loans, and a corrupt resume, all calculated for maximum voter appeal.


MAGA Fraud George Santos Gets DEVASTATING NEWS from Brazilian Prosecutors

Legal AF host, Michael Popok, reports on breaking news concerning a 4th criminal prosecution against Republican Representative George Santos, this time in brazil for identity theft and fraud, and the likelihood that he will be removed from office.


Title from YouTube: “Foreign Prosecutors Announce Charges Against George Santos”

Description from YouTube: “Republican congressman-elect George Santos is now facing even more consequences for the long string of lies he’s been crafting during his campaign”.


Reporters follow George Santos’ money in increasingly small circles

Alexandra Berzon, investigative reporter for the New York Times, talks with Alex Wagner about the checkered work history of Rep. George Santos and questions surrounding his campaign funding and personal expenses.


Congressman-elect George Santos – already under fire for his resume “embellishments” – is now the center of a federal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office around possible financial irregularities that may have benefited his campaign.


Claims that Rep. George Santos’ campaign “violated federal campaign finance laws” by not specifying the true sources of his campaign’s funding.


Nassau GOP preps for major Santos announcement as Dems seek ethics investigation

Democrats requested the probe, saying Santos “has failed to uphold the integrity expected of members of the House of Representatives.”

Seriously? That would apply to MOST Republican Congressmen!


George Santos SINKS Himself After Investigations Office Bombshell Revealed

George Santos reveals how thrilled he is that the new House plans to gut the Ethics office, which investigates government officials.


Michael Rapaport goes off on George Santos!



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