Elon Musk Exposed

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Videos digs up the dirt from Elon Musk’s past.

The above video looks into Musk’s entire career: court documents, SEC filings, and interviews to break down the story Elon tells about himself and how he leveraged it to accumulate wealth and power.


Why Elon Musk Is A Fraud


‘Elon Musk tried to intimidate me into silence.’ Former Twitter exec speaks out

Twitter’s former Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth resigned just weeks after Elon Musk took over the platform, citing his disagreements with its new policies. Soon after, Musk attacked Roth online and led his army of internet trolls in a smear campaign that spread like wildfire.


See Elon Musk’s baseless claims about George Soros


See Musk and MAGA crushed in dictator censorship scandal: Melber breakdown


Elon Musk Is An Idiot (and so are Zuck and SBF)


Elon Musk & The Emerald Mine Of Lies

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