SISSY Sen. Josh Hawley is No Authority on “Manhood”

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Sen. Josh Hawley, who RAN like a SISSY from the MOB he helped instigate, has no business talking about “Manhood”. Former Capital Police officer Michael Fanone says “Josh Hawley is a bitch. He ran like a bitch.”


Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley has a new book on manhood. But two Marine vets, Rep. Jake Auchincloss and Senate candidate Lucas Kunce, say Hawley has a lot to learn.


Security footage shows Josh Hawley fleeing from Jan. 6 mob

Jan. 6 select committee on July 21 released security footage of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) running from riled-up rioters during the Capitol attack.


GOP Sen. Hawley Running From ‘His’ Jan. 6 Mob Is About Far More Than His Humiliation

New video evidence from the January 6th Committee revealed Republican Senator Josh Hawley running from rioters after his fist salute outside the Capitol. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the backlash to Hawley’s Jan. 6 actions, and lessons from the Pharcyde song “Running” (“can’t keep running away… can’t keep running away”).


Aunt Gloria Weighs In On January 6, Josh Hawley Running From Mob


Marine vet running to unseat Sen. Josh Hawley



Let’s not forget about the alligator mouth… puppy dog ass… SISSY-IN CHIEF!



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