Legal Notice & Disclaimer is a Political Opinion Blog where news stories, videos and comments / opinions are posted.

Since this is a Political Opinion Blog and everything written on this site is only opinions, I can say anything I want because I’m only expressing my opinion. When I state in an article that someone “sucks”, is an “idiot”,  a “dumb ass”, “nuts”, “a POS”, “crook”, “criminal” or any other derogatory term, it’s just my opinion and is not to be taken literally or factually. A good portion of the posts on this site are meant to be humorous, mixing news with satire.

Per an article published by the Washington Post, “Anonymous criticism helped make America great” at

“Anonymous publication has been an essential feature of American democracy since its beginning. It has long allowed vulnerable voices to participate in public politics and speak truth to power. Indeed, anonymous debate was at the center of the revolutionary politics that led to American independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which enshrined the press freedoms that continue to protect anonymous speech today”.

“In the late 18th century, pseudonyms and anonymous sources filled the pages of newspapers. In fact, some of the most prominent Founding Fathers regularly used the shield of pseudonyms in political essays during the era of the American Revolution: Thomas Paine, John Dickinson, Alexander Hamilton, Arthur Lee, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Influential texts such as “Common Sense,” the Federalist essays and the “Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania” essays were all published without an author’s byline”.

Defamation claims have repeatedly been dismissed as courts reaffirm that opinions are constitutionally protected and reaffirmed opinions as a valid defense to individuals or organizations sued for libel.

In addition to this site being an “Opinion Blog” which is protected by freedom speech… it doesn’t make one cent in income, so if your looking to sue for some reason, there’s no way you could get one cent because the site owner is also Judgement Proof.

Any lawsuit threat would bring more attention to this site because it would be immediately reported to the news media by the site owner.

Public Figures, especially politicians, has the ability to negatively affect millions of people’s lives. The majority of posts on this site are in RESPONSE to Public Figures statements, actions, conduct and behavior. Site owner has a right to express opinions, to criticize “Public Figures” and a right to exercise First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech.

Other relevant factors involving liable includes the burden of proof that actual damages were suffered as a result of statements made.

Since this site is an Opinions Blog, most of the content is created by 3rd party sources, the owner is unknown with no following and site reaches a small audience, damages would be impossible to prove. Therefore, any attempt to sue the owner of this site would clearly be “Legal Harassment”.

If an attorney were to attempt to take action against the owner for content on this site, they would be engaging in Legal Harassment and attempting to infringe upon site owner’s First Amendment Rights. The site owner would counter-sue the suit originator, attorney and law firm representing suit originator and file complaints to the Bar Association of the opposing Attorney(s) and their law firm.

If a lawsuit were to cause site owner to receive harassment, threats and emotional stress from followers / supporters of person filing suit, such threats and emotional stress would be documented and added to counter-suit for additional damages. Those initiating threats would be identified, sued, reported to law enforcement for criminal prosecution and reported to the news media. As stated in the “Privacy Notice”, there’s a IP log record of every person who visits this site. An IP address can be used to identify someone who engages in abusive, unlawful behavior.

Attorneys are available to defend Freedom of Speech for free. American Civil Liberties Union and Civil Rights Attorneys have offered free legal services to protect and defend Freedom of Speech.  Organizations such as Geller Law Group and Protect Democracy have offered legal services “dedicated to preventing our democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government.”

Site owner would put together a “Dream Team” of volunteer attorneys from the ACLU, Civil Rights Attorneys and Democratic organizations to aggressively go after anyone who harasses owner. Site owner would make the case a “Crusade to Defend Freedom of Speech“.

Site owner would research past & current lawsuits of anyone who tries to sue site owner and use past & current opposing litigants & witnesses to testify. Experts seen in videos on this site would be called upon to testify. Site owner would research and expose lies, hypocrisy and any other information the public might be interested in learning about. Site owner would aggressively report findings to the news media and to top level Democrat officials for congressional investigations (if warranted).

Attorneys & representatives of site owner would appear on national news networks to expose details of harassment, lies, damages & hypocrisy suit filer and Republicans has engaged in against democracy and the American people. Ads may also be ran exposing harassment on the internet, billboard signs and on TV.

This is only a sample of the aggressive response which would be employed if threatened.

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