Florida Police Raid home of former Covid-19 Scientist

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Police body camera video was released of the raid at the home of Florida scientist Rebekah Jones. The raid was part of an ongoing investigation into a hack of the state’s department of health.


Apr 12, 2023 – TYT updates and corrects past reporting on Rebekah Jones. Ana Kasparian discusses


Dec 10, 2021 UPDATE: “Florida Republicans Pressured Researchers To Cover Up COVID Data For The State”

“A damning new report has revealed that university researchers in Florida were pressured from “the big above” to cover up and hide their data about COVID cases in the state. They make it clear that this was coming from the Republican-controlled government that has now overseen the deaths of more than 60,000 Floridians throughout the pandemic. This should be considered a criminal matter, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains”.


Florida Governor In Trouble After Hiding Covid Data To Help Trump Win

Trump-loving Florida governor Ron DeSantis is in hot water as news continues to come out regarding his actions in covering up Florida’s COVID data before the Presidential election. He did this to help Trump and state Republicans win, because they had no chance of actually winning on their merits. The state of Florida is lost, and the fact that Trump won by such a large margin is absolute proof of that. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

(Hummm, wonder if this is why DeSantis had Jone home raided?)


Florida police raided the home of a former state coronavirus data scientist on Monday, escalating a feud between the state government and a data expert who has accused officials of trying to cover up the extent of the pandemic.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement executed a search warrant Monday morning at the home of data scientist Rebekah Jones, who was fired by the state Department of Health in May. The agency is investigating whether Jones accessed a state government messaging system without authorization to urge employees to speak out about coronavirus deaths, according to an affidavit by an agent working on the case.

Jones told CNN that she hadn’t improperly accessed any state messaging system and that she lost access to her government computer accounts after she was removed from her position.

About 10 officers with guns drawn showed up to her Tallahassee home around 8:30 a.m., Jones said. A video taken from a camera in her house, which she posted on social media, showed an officer pointing a gun up a stairwell as Jones told him her two children were upstairs. Jones said that the officer was pointing his gun at her 2-year-old daughter, 11-year-old son and her husband, who she said were in the stairwell, although the video doesn’t make that clear.


Jones: Raid On Home Was Intended To Get At ‘Contacts’ And ‘Scare People’

Data scientist and Covid-19 whistleblower Rebekah Jones joins Ali Velshi to discuss why the raid on her home by armed Florida state police officers was intended to “scare” other state employees from raising concerns about the government’s handling of the coronavirus. Aired on 12/16/2020.


SHOCKING Update on Florida Covid Data Scientist Police Raid

Florida continues going after Rebekah Jones a data scientist that released covid numbers. “The judge who signed the search order of my house was appointed by Governor Desantis and sworn in less than a month before he signed that warrant. In civil court. He’s not even a criminal court judge. It was one of his first actions as judge.”


Florida Allegedly Altering Coronavirus Data

Florida is allegedly altering its COVID-19 data by ‘slowly deleting deaths and cases,’ according to a former employee of the state’s Dept. of Health.


Fired Florida data scientist speaks out as COVID-19 cases spike

Florida issued a statewide order for schools to reopen next month even as the state reports a worrisome rise in coronavirus cases. Data scientist Rebekah Jones was in charge of tracking Florida’s cases until she was fired in May. Jones joins “Red and Blue” to discuss what is behind the spike in cases, the coronavirus dashboard she created, and Florida’s push to reopen.


Scientist Says Florida Republicans Are Hiding Covid 19 Data From The Public


CNN’s Brianna Keilar points out the inaccuracies in Right-wing Republican Trump Supporter Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ argument that the media stopped asking about coronavirus in May and is to blame for the public becoming complacent and cases rising.


It’s well known that Republicans are anti-science and science deniers who put profits and “Big Business” above all else.

The above video discusses the Florida Department of Environmental Protection ordering employees not to use the terms “Climate Change“, “Global Warming” and “Sea Level Rise” as reported by  National TV Networks, Newspapers and by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting – http://fcir.org/2015/03/08/in-florida-officials-ban-term-climate-change/



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