No One Watching Sound of Freedom, Yet “Sold Out”

Sound of Freedom astroturfed. Sold out theaters without a single person in attendance.

Sound of Freedom is being astroturfed. Very few people is actually viewing it compared to the ticket sales numbers. “Buy a ticket so someone else can see it for free” was a grift designed to cash in on a movie that sat on a shelf for 5 yrs. A theater owner said that 7 out of 9 showings were sold out in a single day. A total of 7 people showed up that day to see the movie across all 9 viewings.


Mehdi Hasan shares his take on Jim Caviezel and ‘Sound of Freedom.’ “I can’t take seriously a movie on child trafficking being pushed by and starring an out-and-out conspiracist who dabbles in QAnon and antisemitism, suggests elites are behaving like vampires with kids…”


Francia on TikTok

162.1K Likes, 4K Comments. TikTok video from Francia (@franciatrayhooo): “#thesoundoffreedom #fyp”. Sound of Freedom. original sound – Francia.


Is the Success of “Sound of Freedom” Just A Ticket Sales Conspiracy?

The film The Sound of Freedom has emerged as a box office hit, securing the number two spot over the


@CyKoore points to the film’s ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign where people can “pay it forward” by buying tickets for other people to claim. The Twitter user shared a screencap that shows almost 5 million tickets have so far been bought for the campaign.


Is Anyone Actually Watching ‘Sound of Freedom?’

New movie Sound of Freedom centers around Tim Ballard, former Homeland Security agent and founder of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). The plot’s all about his heroism in rescuing child sex…

Per the above article: Something strange is being reported across the country: All the sold-out showings? Yeah, they’re empty!


Social media users reacted to Sound of Freedom’s makers’ claims of being sold out

As more and more people talked about the makers astroturfing, social media users were shocked by the false claims. While the movie in itself is based on a controversial QAnon conspiracy theory, the astroturfing claims have made it even more controversial.

As @GeoRebekah posted her video with the proof of the theatre being empty, here is how social media users reacted:


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