Trump Crime Family

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IMO, the REAL crime family is not Joe & Hunter Biden… it’s the Trump Family as shown in this video.

Description from YouTube for the above video: “Joe Biden in his infinite dignified personality that he displayed his entire career has not gone after Trump’s family — this despite the fact that Trump and his entourage of compromised grifters have made patently false allegations about Biden’s son. MeidasTouch is not as nice. We have previously made dozens of videos focused on the rampant and unprecedented corruption of the Trump family while Trump was in office. Our newest video, ‘Trump Crime Family’ ties it all together, and makes the strongest case that the Trumps are no different than the mafia families of the past. The ‘Trump Crime Family has violated thousands of laws (Federal and State), engaged in documented domestic and international corruption, and utterly destroyed every ethical principle turning the White House which was once the people’s house into the money laundering Trump trap house”.



The Trump “crime family…belong in prison,” says “The Art of the Deal” ghostwriter

The Art of the Deal ghostwriter said President Donald Trump and two of his adult children and a son-in-law all belong in prison. Tony Schwartz co-authored Trump’s notorious book, which was first published in 1987, and is now a vocal critic of the president. “Crime family: Donald, Ivanka, Jared, Donald Jr.

Per the above article; ” The Art of the Deal ghostwriter said President Donald Trump and two of his adult children and a son-in-law all belong in prison. Tony Schwartz co-authored Trump’s notorious book, which was first published in 1987, and is now a vocal critic of the president. “Crime family: Donald, Ivanka, Jared, Donald Jr. They all belong in prison,” Schwartz tweeted on Monday evening.

“If I had to rename The Art of the Deal, I would call it The Sociopath,” Schwartz said on CNN.  “Because he has no conscience, he has no guilt. All he wants to do is make the case that he would like to be true. “And while I do think he is probably aware that more walls are closing around him than ever before, he does not experience the world in the way an ordinary human being would.”

Then in June, when the journalist E. Jean Carroll accused Trump of sexual assault in the mid-1990s, adding to a list of women who have made such allegations against the president, Schwartz called him a “serial felon.”

“A 16th woman yesterday accused Donald Trump of sexual assault—in this case rape, with very specific details,” tweeted Schwartz.

“In what sane & decent world can this man continue as president of the United States?” continued Schwartz’s tweet, adding that he believed Trump should be put on trial for repeated “violent criminal behavior.”


Trump Kids In Legal Hot Water

Description from YouTube: “New York AG Letitia James is taking aim at Donald Trump, his family and his business. Danny Cevallos joins Zerlina to explain”.



Description from YouTube for the above video: Eric Trump lashed out at Scottish officials this week after they began to question exactly how the Trump organization managed to get their hands on Scottish property to build their Turnberry golf course. Eric referred to one politician as a “national embarrassment,” and then said that their behavior threatens all investors from out of the country.



Eight women came forward and accused Donald Trump of sexual assault and harassment. Trump has denied all of the allegations, calling himself a victim.


Trump brags about “grabbing women by the pussy” on Access Hollywood tape


Title from YouTube: “Donald Trump’s business links to the mob – BBC Newsnight”

Description from YouTube: “Donald Trump now looks like the front-runner to be the Republican candidate for the US presidency. One of his big appeals is his business success – and his claim that his wealth means he can’t be bought and sold. But there’s evidence which not only casts doubt on Trump’s wealth claims – but also reveals his history of business relationships with figures connected to organised crime. John Sweeney reports”.


Description from YouTube: “Trump’s real-estate developments in Atlantic City and New York led him to deal with members of organized crime and people like the late Robert LiButti, a racehorse trader and gambler. WSJ’s Michael Rothfeld joins Lunch Break to discuss”


Description from YouTube:  “Donald Trump used to do business with mobsters. A recent Politico story details a young Trump’s involvement with former New York crime bosses Paul Castellano and Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down”


Title from YouTube: “Trump’s alleged mob ties”

Description from YouTube: “Donald Trump’s possible links with organized crime have been under scrutiny for many years. Joy Reid and her panel discusses the alleged connections”


Title from YouTube: “Panama Tower That Has President Trump’s Name Is Tied To Organized Crime”

Description from YouTube: “An NBC News investigation found that President Trump profited from licensing his name to a hotel and condo complex with ties to money launderers and drug cartels”.


Title from YouTube: “The Trump-Russia Ties Hiding In Plain Sight”

Description from YouTube: “Trump’s in-plain-sight embrace of Russia gets obscured by the Trump news avalanche. But long before running for president, Trump relied on Russian money. Trump also consistently defends Russia and attacks U.S. officials investigating Russia”.


The Real-Life Mob Families of ‘The Irishman’? Donald Trump Knew Them

Martin Scorsese’s new film, The Irishman, conjures up a lost world. It depicts an era when the Mafia was so powerful that it set off alarms in the Kennedy White House, and Scorsese even hints that organized crime was behind JFK’s assassination.


As you can see from the above videos and articles, there’s no comparison between Trump and Joe Biden


Donald Trump Could Be on Trial Sooner Than You Think

The People v. Donald J. Trump could go to trial sooner than you think. Here, according to the legal experts, is how Trump could become the first former president in American history to find himself on trial – and perhaps even behind bars.

Per the above article; “If Donald Trump loses the election in November, he will forfeit not only a sitting president’s presumptive immunity from prosecution but also the levers of power he has aggressively co-opted for his own protection. Considering the number of crimes he has committed, the time span over which he has committed them, and the range of jurisdictions in which his crimes have taken place, his potential legal exposure is breathtaking. More than a dozen investigations are already under way against him and his associates. Even if only one or two of them result in criminal charges, the proceedings that follow will make the O. J. Simpson trial look like an afternoon in traffic court”.

“According to legal experts, the man most likely to drag Trump into court is the district attorney for Manhattan, Cyrus Vance  Jr. It’s a surprising scenario, given Vance’s well-deserved reputation as someone who has gone easy on the rich and famous. After taking office in 2010, he sought to reduce Jeffrey Epstein’s status as a sex offender, dropped an investigation into whether Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump  Jr. had committed fraud in the marketing of the Trump Soho, and initially decided not to prosecute Harvey Weinstein despite solid evidence of his sex crimes. “He has a reputation for being particularly cautious when it comes to going after rich people, because he knows that those are the ones who can afford the really formidable law firms,” says Victoria Bassetti, a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice who served on the team of lawyers that oversaw the Senate impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. “And like most prosecutors, Vance is exceptionally protective of his win-loss rate.”

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