Mo Brooks Should Be Arrested for Instigating DC Riots

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Mo Brooks should be Arrested for helping Instigate the DC Riots with his reckless speech… “Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass!”

I think Mo Brooks exemplifies what the Republican Party has become… a Lawless party of Liars, Hypocrites, Bigots, Racists, Science deniers, Facts Deniers, Conspiracy Nuts, Kooks, Redneck Hicks, Bullies, Lowlifes, Dumb-asses, Neanderthals, Anti-intellectual “Know Nothings” and Anti-Democratic Fascists.


Like the above title says… “This is Treason!” and the fact the all involved in inciting riots with their speeches such as Trump, Giuliani, Brooks, Ted Cruz and others haven’t already been arrested shows what a POS “Justice System” we have in this country… one for the rich and politically well connected, and other for everyone else.

Mo Brooks stated that he makes no apologies for his “taking down names and kicking ass” speech… I make no apologies for stating what a disgusting Piece of Shit I think he and most Republicans are.


I’m thrilled that Rep. Eric Swalwell is suing this piece of shit and others over the Capitol riot. All who helped instigate the DC riot and participated should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Opinion/Letter: Rep. Mo Brooks belongs in jail with rioters

Jan. 8 — To the Editor: In today’s newspaper, you published a “rogues’ gallery” of all those Senators and Representatives “WHO VOTED TO OVERTURN.” There is one rogue amongst them, Representative Mo Brooks, who has not received the recognition he deserves as the most incendiary scoundrel of the lot, whose criminal behavior should disqualify him from his seat in Congress.

There’s posts all over the internet written by tons of people who thinks “Mo Brooks” belongs in Jail.





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