Trump Endangering Lives of Secret Service for a Photo Op

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Trump’s photo op raises new questions about how seriously he takes the virus

In the midst of an aggressive course of treatment for coronavirus, President Donald Trump left the hospital with his security detail Sunday so he could ride in an SUV past supporters cheering him on outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


Trump demanding Secret Service personnel take him for a ride so he can wave to his adoring dumb-ass fans put Secret Service personnel at risk of catching HIS deadly virus & another example of what a Self-centered Narcissistic Psychopath he is and how he only cares about himself and to hell with everyone else. He acts as though he’s the most important person in the world, and everyone else is only here to SERVE his Stinking, Disgusting FAT ass.


A medical analyst has said that Donald Trump’s little hospital stunt on Sunday where he had Secret Service agents drive him around to wave at his supporters around the hospital should warrant a psychiatric evaluation. That, coupled with the information about his medications, is additional proof that the President’s state of mind is likely not in the right place, and considering the power that he holds, a psychiatric evaluation is sorely needed.

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