Wyoming Republicans Suck for Censuring Liz Cheney

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Wyoming Republicans Suck and prove they’re human garbage who has no decency for voting to Censure Liz Cheney who stood for the rule of law by  voting to Impeach Trump and serving on the January 6 Select Committee to expose Trump’s Treason, Sedition and Insurrection against the United States Government


Trump & Republican’s Multi-step plan to overturn the 2020 election


Trump’s SEVEN-PART PLOT To Overthrow the Government and Stay in Power!

Jesse outlines the 7-part criminal conspiracy that was mentioned by Liz Cheney at the first public hearing of the January 6th House Select Committee investigating the insurrection against the United States. Jesse goes deep and plays clips to back the assertion that Donald Trump entered into a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government and remain in power.


Trump is a Lawless, Lying TRAITOR who tried to STEAL the 2020 Election by falsely claiming the election was “Rigged”, “Stolen” & he “Won in a landslide” with no proof, incited an insurrection and COUP to overthrow the United States Government, overturn / steal the 2020 election and install himself as an UN-ELECTED DICTATOR.


Today’s Twisted, Upside-Down Republican Party… where supporting a lawless traitor (Trump) is “Right”. Voting to Impeach him for violating his Oath of Office, Inciting a Riot & engaging in Insurrection to overturn an election that he lost to make himself an UN-Elected Dictator is “Wrong”.



Republican Senators who Voted to Acquit Trump proved to be LAWLESS Traitors, unfit to hold office as DOG CATCHERS


Video shows how former Pres. Trump incited insurrection, step by step. Rioters stormed the House & Senate chambers, wrecking havoc, destruction and death at the United States Capital. This is Sedition, Insurrection and Treason.


Video shows Trump’s history of inspiring his followers to engage in violence



Trump is the worst and most lawless President in history. ALL who stand by him and support him are stupid, lacking in principles & decency, lawless and treasonous as he as.




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