People Who Watch Fox News Are Stupid

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Study Confirms That Fox Makes You Stupid

People who watch Fox News are so stupid, they have no idea that Fox News can legally lie to them and lies all the time, often by omission of the facts.

According to a new study recently published in American politics, research consuming too much Fox news can in fact, made you stupid. Now the study didn’t put it that way. The study said, it just makes you less informed about, you know, certain things, especially certain things having to do with science, but let’s not dance around it, right? We’re we’re not having to use scientific language. We’re not having to have this published so we can straight up say what it actually is. Fox news makes you stupid. Now, before I get into the details of this particular study, it is important to remember that over the years we have seen study after study, after study, that has confirmed that Fox news viewers are the least informed out of any other media consumers here in the United States.


The “Fox-Can-Lie Lawsuit” established that they are not required to be truthful by law. Since Fox has established that they have the legal right not to be truthful, Fox Opinion Hosts tells their conservative viewers that Democrats are “Radical Leftist Socialists” who want to take away your guns & freedom, that Republican policies are good for this country, that Trump’s a rational person and the MSM (Main Stream Media) such as ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post etc is “Fake News”. ALL the exact opposite of the TRUTH.

Right-Wing outlets want to KEEP their viewers brainwashed so they never watch legitimate news and learn the truth about the damage Trump and Republicans has been doing to our country while screwing over “the little guy”. Also, the more people who watches, the more money they can demand and bring in for advertising.

Right Wing Media has put PROFITS & PARTISANSHIP above PATRIOTISM and telling the TRUTH


Fox News Plan Exposed


A memo entitled “A Plan for Putting the GOP on TV News,” buried in the the Nixon library details a plan between Ailes and the White House to bring pro-administration stories to television networks around the country. It reads: “Today television news is watched more often than people read newspapers, than people listen to the radio, than people read or gather any other form of communication. The reason: People are lazy. With television you just sit—watch—listen. The thinking is done for you.”

It’s just one 15-page section in a 318-page cache John Cook, at Gawker, pulled out from the Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush libraries.


Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice

The Republican Party has a problem. A big problem. As the party of the wealthy and big business, how in the world can it convince the working class to vote for its candidates? This is no small matter. It is not some little glitch.

Per the above article; “The GOP exists to serve the interests of the wealthy and big business that comprise the richest 1%. No party, however, can ever win an election with only 1% of the vote. So to win elections, the GOP must necessarily reach beyond its own wealthy core and attempt to convince a large segment of working people in the 99% to vote for Republicans.

Normally, a political party wins elections by offering policies that benefit the voters. These policies attract the voters who then cast their votes for the political party.

But for the Republican Party, this is not an option. A candidate could not possibly campaign on the policies favored by the 1%. Just imagine the stump speech. “Vote for me and I will slash your health care! In fact, I’ll do even better — I’ll fight like mad to completely eliminate your health care!”

“Vote for me and I will get rid of your pensions! This would save corporations a bundle and boost profits to the shareholders! Screw the workers!”

“Vote for me and I promise to ship your jobs overseas under globalization! The exact same labor can be hired in Asia for only pennies! Hurray!”

The Republican Party is left with only one option. It cannot possibly be honest about its true intentions and actual policies. The working class would never vote for them. Instead, the only option is to lie”.

Right Wing Media has been extremely effective in propagating and reinforcing Republican’s lies to brainwashed viewers.

Proof of how Republican’s policies are bad for working class people is how California Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder ran on a platform of eliminating the minimum wage.

Right-wing media use their platforms to brainwash their viewers with lies, propaganda, conspiracy theories and divisive social issues to make them vote for REPUBLICANS (against their own best interests) and to demonize DEMOCRATS, the very people who fights for Middle Class and Poor Americans.


Republicans don’t want to pay Average Joe Americans a fair, living wage. The above video explains why.

Right Wing Media never discusses issues such as this because they serve the interests of the top 1%. If that’s all you watch, you’d never know about this.




BUSTED! The Dishonest Methods FOX Uses to Make Their Viewers Disrespect and Hate Joe Biden

Fox News was caught red-handed committing one of the gravest of all journalistic sins—deceptively editing a sound bite to make a politician say something they didn’t say.

Right Wing Media went silent because this was another “scandal” they invented to make their viewers hate Joe Biden & Democrats.


Jan. 6 Committee Releases ‘Explosive’ Texts From Sean Hannity

Private text messages shed light on how Fox News host Sean Hannity acted more like a memeber of Trump’s team and advisor rather than an independent “jorunalist” who just reports the news



PROOF: Right-wing media outlets spent significant time on Jan. 6 suggesting that the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol weren’t actually made up of Trump supporters.


Fox News Pundits Partisan Double Standards & Hypocrisy EXPOSED

After getting busted for text messages to Mark Meadows Fox News Pundits Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson whines about their “private” texts being exposed to the public.


Former Extremist Nails Fox News For Marketing Hate

A former extremist named Frank Meeink now spends his time educating others about hate and working against the crowds he once ran with. And recently, he called out Fox News for doing little more than “re-marketing hate” to the American public. His assessment is spot on, as Fox News has always peddled in hate bordering on extremism, but they have brought plenty of the most extreme ideas from the hate crowd into the mainstream.


Radicalization is infesting airwaves of pro-Trump media

CNN’s Brian Stelter explains how the country faces radicalization as some right-wing media outlets flood the airwaves with conspiracy theories and disinformation.


Former Fox News analyst says Fox has become ‘destructive propaganda machine’


Ex-Fox News analyst: Trump is a danger to the US



Tucker Carlson acts like a Spoiled Brat Psychotic Punk in the above video cutting off an ex-cop, abruptly ending the interview when confronted with information which didn’t fit his narrative.


You Literally Can’t Believe The Facts Tucker Carlson Tells You. So Say Fox’s Lawyers

Tucker Carlson appears to be made of Teflon. Fox News’ top-rated host has been repeatedly accused of anti-immigrant and racist comments, which have cost his political opinion show many of its major advertisers. Yet Carlson endures in his prime-time slot. Carlson even attacked his own network’s chief news anchor on the air, with no real consequences.

Per the above article; “You can’t expect to literally believe the words that come out of Carlson’s mouth. And that assertion is not coming from Carlson’s critics. It’s being made by a federal judge in the Southern District of New York and by Fox News’s own lawyers. U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil’s opinion, leaning heavily on the arguments of Fox’s lawyers: The “‘general tenor’ of the show should then inform a viewer that [Carlson] is not ‘stating actual facts’ about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in ‘exaggeration’ and ‘non-literal commentary. ”


Ex-Fox reporter reveals why Tucker Carlson is lying about vaccines

Former Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron discusses Tucker Carlson spreading disinformation about the Covid-19 vaccines.


Two Fox News contributors resign after Tucker Carlson special

Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg announced Sunday night that they have resigned from Fox News, saying that Tucker Carlson’s “Patriot Purge” propaganda film was the last straw.


Title from Youtube; “Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites”

Description from Youtube; “Tucker Carlson has branded himself as a populist, condemning the “liberal elite” that he argues makes up the American “ruling class.” It’s a good shtick, and it’s helped him stand out from other Fox News hosts. But while Tucker decries the “elite” on his show, he regularly ignores major stories of Republican economic policies that harm the working class, choosing instead to focus on bogus culture war stories.

That isn’t an accident. Carlson’s show is meant to distract Fox News viewers from Republican economics, channeling their frustration and anger at groups that don’t deserve it. That kind of misdirection produces what Marxist theorists call “false consciousness”: when workers are tricked into accepting their own exploitation”.


When spoiled kids whine

Is there anything funnier than listening to Tucker Carlson whine about why the White House “can’t not give us a pass!” in the wake of Neil Munro’s prep-boy heckling of President Obama? You can watch it below (h/t Crooks and Liars). “We’re bigger than the Chicago Tribune!” Carlson sputtered on Fox News Monday.

Per the above article; “Nothing says “spoiled child” like Tucker Carlson. The son of wealthy Republican William Carlson, a former Los Angeles television anchor who became the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and a U.S. ambassador, Carlson used his family connections to sail into journalism. Except for a brief moment when he seemed willing to ruffle the powers that be – his first George W. Bush profile for Talk magazine comes to mind – he has done nothing but afflict the afflicted and comfort the comfortable in his career. Examples of his partisan ethics abound, but my favorite was his shrill defense of Scooter Libby in the Valerie Plame case while never acknowledging that his father headed Libby’s defense fund. Wealthy Republican family values at work”.


Here’s a photo of Tucker Carlson’s home. Per an article at; “Tucker Carlson’s house is 7,400 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. In the fully-enclosed backyard is a 40-foot heated swimming pool, a veranda, a flagstone terrace, a lush lawn, and perfectly manicured mature landscaping”.

According to is worth $30 Million and his salary is $6 Million a year.

When you look at the lavish lifestyle Carlson lives, one can see why he has a vested interest to do / say what-ever it takes to maintain his lavish lifestyle. Also, having a show watched by millions of people carries enormous prestige, to the extent some people might be willing to abandon allegiance to county & decency.


Republicans represent & protect the RICH and Corporate America. They have unlimited money to spend to buy the type of America THEY want. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a Multi-Billionaire worth $22.4 billion as of July 2021, according to

As part of the RULING CLASS, he has a vested interest in “Controlling the masses” and making sure as many people as possible watch his channel and vote for Republicans, so they can stay in power and cram what they want down the throats of Average Joe Americans.


How Murdoch’s Fox News allowed Trump’s Propaganda to De-stabilise Democracy

ABC News In-depth – How Fox News promoted Donald Trump’s propaganda and helped destabilise democracy in the United States of America: the first of our two-part special on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.


Dominion Sues Right Wing News Outlets Over False Election Fraud Claims

Dominion Voting Systems has hit both Newsmax and the One America News Network with billion dollar defamation lawsuits because of the claims the networks have been making about the 2020 election being stole – claims that are not supported by any evidence. Dominion has been more patient with these networks than they have with others, but the nonstop string of lies finally forced their hand on the matter.


Dominion sues Newsmax, OAN and founder of over false election claims



Current and Former OAN Employees Say Network Has Broadcast ‘Misleading, Inaccurate or Untrue’ Reports

Current and former One America News employees told the New York Times the channel has “broadcast reports that they considered misleading, inaccurate or untrue. New York Times Rachel Abrams did a deep dive into OANN, which has pushed conspiracy theories about topics like the 2020 election. According to the report, 16 out of 18 current and former employees interviewed took serious issue with reports the network has aired. One former OAN news producer, Allysia Britton, said she was “one of more than a dozen employees who had left OAN” after the riots. [Source:]


Former Fox News Host Says They Lie by Omission


25 years of dangerous lies from Fox News: “There is a direct pipeline from what appears on Fox News to the absolute worst manifestations, worst behavior, worst elements of our politics and society.”


Lies and Disinformation from Right Wing Media and Republicans are destroying the United States


How Fox News and Right-Wing Media Brainwashed This Dad and Destroyed a Family

‘It was like some alien took over his body.’ — Right-wing media brainwashed Jen Senko’s once open-minded father, but the story didn’t end there.



Title from YouTube; “Newsmax and OANN are telling lies about the election as more people tune in”

Description from Youtube; “Newsmax and OAN are peddling conspiracies theories about the 2020 election. Their baseless claims are drawing new audiences”.


Fox News host admits to cheering for US division in order to boost ratings

As the US traverses division, CNN’s SE Cupp reacts to Fox News host Jesse Watters saying on-air that he wants to see disarray on the left and that it is good for their network’s ratings.



The Daily Show did a great job exposing what Partisan Hacks Fox Pundits Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity are in this video, when they criticized Joe Biden’s performance at the 2021 Summit with Putin in Switzerland… how everything they said about Joe Biden applies to Donald Trump


Video of Fox Pundits making negative comments about Joe Biden which ALL totally fits Trump. This is a prime example of what partisan hacks they are… demonizing Biden while failing to tell their audience the TRUTH about Trump.


Jim Acosta tears into debunked Fox News ‘Nothingburgers’


Fox News Refuses To Air Ad Showing Police Officers Condemning Capitol Riot

Fox News is refusing to air an ad on their network that shows Capitol police officers condemning the actions of January 6th and the individuals who took part in the riot that day. Fox News is trying to protect their viewers and themselves, by not reminding them of the atrocities that the network, at least indirectly, helped spur on as a result of them pushing lies about the 2020 election.


Fox News Refused to Show this Ad about the Jan 6 Insurrection


Fox News host Sean Hannity admitted under oath that he never believed Trump was cheated of victory in the 2020 presidential election.


2 Weeks after the Election was called for Joe Biden, Fox Pundits cast doubt on the results nearly 800 times

Fox News repeatedly aided Trump’s efforts to undermine election results, laying the groundwork to cry foul if Trump lost, echoing debunked theories of fraud, pushing the idea that Democrats are trying to “steal” this from him, and arguing that Trump is justified in pursuing his claims of a rigged election. This pattern of coverage continued in the lead-up to the day of the riots.


Trump told his supporters to ‘fight like hell.’ And they listened


How Fox News Covered Trump VS How They Now Cover Biden


Days after the 2020 Election, Trump refused to Concede. Republicans Hypocrisy about Conceding Elections on Full Display in this video.


More Fox Hypocrisy… During the 2016 and 2018 elections, some Fox News personalities were quick to dismiss Democratic election challenges. Now those same personalities are encouraging President Trump’s challenges.


Lots of examples shown in this video of what hypocrites Fox program hosts are


Title from YouTube: 10 Fox News Lies


Examples of how Conservative Pundits made false statements to their audience about the coronavirus which supported Trump’s statements.


Description from Youtube: “Fox News Stars Now Pretend They Never Said What They Said About the Coronavirus. Democrats and the media are the real downplayers of the coronavirus, claim two of Fox’s biggest COVID propaganda spreaders who spent weeks peddling dismissive talking points about the pandemic”.


This videos shows the dates Trump dismissed the Coronavirus and when he began to take it serious. Note how Fox pundits mirrored his talking points and how they began taking the Coronavirus serious after he did. Then lied by saying they always took it serious.


Fox News Claims It Never Called COVID-19 a Hoax


YouTube suspends OANN for posting COVID-19 misinformation

YouTube suspended the pro-Trump media outlet One America News Network on Tuesday as part of the streaming platform’s efforts to curb misinformation about COVID-19. The company also announced the channel’s existing videos would be demonetized.


Title from Youtube; “This is what Trump and Fox News hosts said about hydroxycholoroquine

Description from Youtube; “Coronavirus patients taking hydroxychloroquine, a treatment touted by President Trump and often by Fox News hosts, were no less likely to need mechanical ventilation and had higher deaths rates compared to those who did not take the drug, according to a study of hundreds of patients at US Veterans Health Administration medical centers. The study, which reviewed veterans’ medical charts, was posted Tuesday on, a pre-print server, meaning it was not peer reviewed or published in a medical journal. The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the University of Virginia. In the study of 368 patients, 97 patients who took hydroxychloroquine had a 27.8% death rate. The 158 patients who did not take the drug had an 11.4% death rate”.


Title from YouTube: “Murdochs Failed To Rein In Fox News ‘Hoax’ Narrative Amid Coronavirus”


Fox News Coverage of (Trump) Coronavirus vs. (Obama) Ebola


Dr. Anthony Fauci fact-checked Fox News host Sean Hannity about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic.


Title from YouTube: “Pro-Trump media’s dishonest Russia talking points”

Description from YouTube: “After Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced indictments of Russians in US election meddling, CNN’s Brian Stelter says pro-Trump media outlets are being dishonest in their talking points”.


Title from YouTube: Trump, the Russians & Fox News

Description from YouTube: As the Mueller investigation was closing in, the White House scrambled to discredit the messenger with a big assist from Fox Pundits.

The above video shows how FOX / Hannity and his associates provided cover for Trump


Title from YouTube: “How Sean Hannity turned into a conspiracy theorist”


Description from Youtube; “Sean Hannity reaches peak partisan cuckery, promotes conspiracy theory involving a slain 27 year old DNC staffer to push back on very real Russia-Trump connection even after Fox News retracts story.”


Title from Youtube; Sean Hannity And Tucker Carlson Are Too Biased To Air In UK, Regulators Say

Description from Youtube; Regulators at Ofcom in the United Kingdom have decided that Fox News broadcasts by Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson have violated their country’s impartiality rules. While Fox News was taken off the air in the UK in August of this year, this decision to publicly acknowledge how horrible the network is should be a wake up call for American citizens, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.



Sean Hannity was all for NSA surveillance when Republican George W. Bush was president, but accused President Obama of NSA surveillance snooping and claimed it’s a violation of the 4th Amendment. More proof Hannity is not fair or balanced and engages in Political Hackery.


Title from YouTube: “Fox Gets Busted Again & Again”


Title from YouTube: “Sean Hannity Confesses Using Fake Footage: “Jon Stewart Was Right!”


Sean Hannity gets Busted by Keith Olbermann for making False claim against President Obama claiming that President Obama said Insurance Executives are “Bad People”.


Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity He’s Bad For America


What If Fox Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama?


Why Are Conservatives More Susceptible to Believing Lies?

Many conservatives have a loose relationship with facts. The right-wing denial of what most people think of as accepted reality starts with political issues: As recently as 2016, 45 percent of Republicans still believed that the Affordable Care Act included “death panels” (it doesn’t).

Per the above article: “Why are conservatives so susceptible to misinformation? The right wing’s disregard for facts and reasoning is not a matter of stupidity or lack of education. College-educated Republicans are actually more likely than less-educated Republicans to have believed that Barack Obama was a Muslim and that “death panels” were part of the ACA. And for political conservatives, but not for liberals, greater knowledge of science and math is associated with a greater likelihood of dismissing what almost all scientists believe about the human causation of global warming.

Part of the problem is widespread suspicion of facts—any facts. Both mistrust of scientists and other “experts” and mistrust of the mass media that reports what scientists and experts believe have increased among conservatives (but not among liberals) since the early ’80s. The mistrust has in part, at least, been deliberately inculcated. The fossil fuel industry publicizes studies to confuse the climate change debate; Big Pharma hides unfavorable information on drug safety and efficacy; and many schools in conservative areas teach students that evolution is “just a theory.” The public is understandably confused about both the findings and methods of science. “Fake news” deliberately created for political or economic gain and Donald Trump’s claims that media sites that disagree with him are “fake news” add to the mistrust.

But, the gullibility of many on the right seems to have deeper roots even than this. That may be because at the most basic level, conservatives and liberals seem to hold different beliefs about what constitutes “truth.” Finding facts and pursuing evidence and trusting science is part of liberal ideology itself. For many conservatives, faith and intuition and trust in revealed truth appear as equally valid sources of truth.

Psychologists have repeatedly reported that self-described conservatives tend to place a higher value than those to their left on deference to tradition and authority. They are more likely to value stability, conformity, and order, and have more difficulty tolerating novelty and ambiguity and uncertainty. They are more sensitive than liberals to information suggesting the possibility of danger than to information suggesting benefits”.


Chris Wallace breaks silence on why he left Fox

CNN’s Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter react to Chris Wallace’s interview with the New York Times on why he left Fox.


CNBC host Shepard Smith discusses his time at Fox News and why he eventually left.

The News division which was headed by Shep Smith, provided legitimate, unbiased news reporting. It’s completely separate from the opinion based shows such as Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Jeanine Pirro, etc. Shep Smith frequently criticized Donald Trump.

In October 2019, within days of Attorney General William Barr meeting with head honcho Rupert Murdoch, Shep Smith announced his resignation.


Ex-Fox Employee Tells All

Ex-Fox Employee talks about his time working at Fox & for Bill O’Reilly. Also how doing “Fair and Balanced” reporting was a running joke at Fox and how he personally witnessed their airing stories which were unconfirmed and false.


CNN’s Brian Stelter ponders about the future of Fox News and the Murdoch family as its patriarch, Rupert Murdoch, approaches 90 years old.




14 Propaganda Techniques Fox “News” Uses to Brainwash Americans


5 Times Fox Got Debunked Immediately on the Spot



Fox Pundits Anti-Obama Bias on full display in this video

The above video proves Fox Pundits are the Enemy of the American People by not being Fair, Balanced & truthful & lying by omission of the facts.


Example of how Fox has engaged as a GOP Operative


Fox News’ Nazi Hypocrisy Exposed


Fox News Hypocrisy on White Nationalist Terrorists Vs Muslim Terrorists


I watched Fox News every day for 44 months – here’s what I learned

verything should calm down a little bit in seven months,” they said. It was 9 February 2016, when I began my career as a critic of Fox News at Media Matters for America, a not-for-profit progressive research center dedicated to monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the US media.

Per the above article; “At Fox News, opinion is king – not news

Fox & Friends’ main hosts – Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade – are a consistent train wreck of shameless hackery, even managing to turn a report about Trump’s $1bn in business losses into a glowing endorsement of his bold, wealthy brilliance”.

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