Boycott Georgia for Republican Anti-Democracy Voting Laws

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Boycott Georgia for passing laws to overturn election results, make it illegal to give water to people waiting in long lines, decreasing drop boxes, decreasing the days you can vote and more.

Georgia and Florida has been trying to make it difficult for people living in Urban area to vote for years by punishing them with hours waits in long lines. They want to make ever harder by denying water or food to people waiting in long lines.


Republicans Attempting to Make Voting More Difficult with 165 Restrictions

From voter ID laws to limiting mail-in ballots, Republican lawmakers in 33 states are considering 165 different laws that would make it harder to vote.


Uncovered: Illegal Attack on 364,000 Georgia Voters

investigative reporter Greg Palast busts a GOP scheme to challenge the ballots of 364,000 voters based on the state’s new law. Palast confronts one top politico with photos of voters she falsely accused of voting illegally — a violation of the anti-Klan Act of 1871 and other federal laws — a criminal offense. In the follow-ups: Palast will reveal the source of the scheme…a Texas group that plans to challenge voters nationwide…and other plans to attack the rights of voters color.


Georgia Election Officials Sued Over New Voting Restrictions

Georgia’s elections chief was sued by a group of nonprofit civic organizations that claim a new voting law signed Thursday by the state’s Republican governor will make it harder for minorities to cast ballots.


Calls for economic boycott grow after Georgia adopts voter restrictions


CNN’s Don Lemon discusses the new voting law in Georgia that restricts ballot access and gives state officials more power over local elections.


The GOP knows they can’t win without passing laws to make Voting more difficult.


Video shows how republicans rig elections by voter purges and how the Georgia Governor’s election was rigged by Brian Kemp


MORE OF THIS IS WHAT’S NEEDED! “All-Star Game moved Out of Atlanta due to Georgia Anti-Voting Law”

Every major corporation should give notice to Gov. Kemp that they will be LEAVING Georgia in 6 months unless Republicans repeal their Anti-Democratic Voter Obstruction Law.



Negative Press, Boycotts and Economic Hardship needs to be brought to bear upon Republicans which engage in Anti-Democratic Voter Obstruction tactics like Georgia engaged in, so they and other Red States understand, this is the price they will pay when they attempt to thwart Democracy.

Citizens could BOYCOTT Local Republican Businesses

Most businesses are members of the Local Chamber of Commerce, which lists their members on their website. A search of voter records can establish weather the owner is a registered Democrat or Republican.

There’s no excuse for passing laws which legalize overturning election results, decreasing the days people can vote, decreasing drop boxes, making it difficult to vote by mail, having inadequate voting machines in urban areas causing long lines and making it illegal to give water to people waiting in long lines. These are clearly VOTER OBSTRUCTION / RIGGING TACTICS.

The majority has the power to force changes if they are united.


Apple joins corporate backlash against Georgia voting law

Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook on Thursday was the latest corporate leader to speak out against the state of Georgia’s new voting restrictions, which many critics say targets Black people and other racial minorities.






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