News Media Should Call Out Republicans LIES to Their Face

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The News Media should immediately call out, expose and interrupt Republicans when they begin spewing conspiracy theories and lies.


The Press should have IMMEDIATELY called Trump out when he behaved like a RUDE ASSHOLE by saying something like… “Hey, Listen BUD… you work for us… you’re not an Emperor or a King… this is the United States of America, NOT Russia or North Korea. If you can’t accept that then YOU need to resign and move to another country!”

If he got more shitty, they should have REALLY told his ass off by saying something like… “You call us the enemy of the people?  Your the REAL enemy of the people… you LIE constantly… act like a wanna-be dictator and a lunatic who should be institutionalized!  You’re a disguising PIECE OF SHIT, a FUCKING MORON and a PATHETIC EXCUSE of a Human Being who acts like a LUNATIC. Your the ABSOLUTE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, the BIGGEST LIAR in History and a FAKE PRESIDENT who got the LEAST votes.  Your not even supported by the Majority of Americans… they hate your GUTS!  The only reason you’re president is because we have a fucked-up government which makes the loser the winner. YOU SUCK!”

If Trump tried to ban anyone who called him out, they should sued and exposed his behavior on every MSM news outlet.

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