Narcissistic Psychopath Trump Can’t Admit he Lost

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Trump is a Narcissistic Psychopath Lunatic who refuses to admit he lost the 2020 Election

Memo Shows Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers’ Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless

Republican strategist Michael Steel, former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman, former Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire on new reporting in the New York Times that court filings show the Trump campaign knowingly let election lies spread.


2020 Stolen Election Claims Debunked

New documents show Trump campaign knew stolen election claims were false


New details emerge about Trump’s efforts to overturn election

The Senate Judiciary Committee released a sweeping report detailing how President Donald Trump tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election.


Trump will never be able to get over his election loss, as it was the first major defeat he has ever truly suffered. All of his other business failings he was able to somehow justify, but losing to Joe Biden hurt him in a way we can only imagine. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.


Trump has a history of LYING and making insane conspiracy theory claims as he did about Ted Cruz’s father in the above video. When he’s beaten, he claims he was cheated as he did in the tweet below accusing Ted Cruz of “Stealing the Election”.

CNN: Trump doesn’t like to lose. In fact, his career as a businessman and president is marked with a refusal to acknowledge when he has LOST


Everything Trump Loses Is ‘Rigged’

From the Mueller probe to mail-in voting, here are all the things Trump says are ‘rigged.’


Trump has refused to concede the presidential race despite the official results being called this weekend in former Vice President Joe Biden’s favor. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by the president’s niece, Mary Trump a clinical psychologist who analyzes her uncle’s mental health.


According to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) have at least five of the symptoms listed below;

  • Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment by others
  • Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
  • Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions
  • Needing constant admiration from others
  • Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others
  • Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
  • Unwilling to empathize with others’ feelings, wishes, or needs
  • Intensely jealous of others and the belief that others are equally jealous of them
  • Pompous and arrogant demeanor.


Trump’s Narcissistic symptoms discussed in this video


Dr. John Gartner stated; “If we could construct a psychiatric Frankenstein monster, we could not create a leader more dangerously mentally ill than Donald Trump. He is a paranoid, psychopathic, narcissist who is divorced from reality and lashes out impulsively at his imagined enemies.


Donald Trump: textbook narcissist

Sander Thomaes, developmental psychologist, is happy with Donald Trump. “I often use him during my classes. My research is primarily focused on narcissism.”


Karl Rove took a swipe at Trump on Fox News, calling him a sore loser.


He’s A Psychopath’: Trump Insider Says Military Will Have to Haul Trump Out Of The White House

Trump’s “Art of the Deal” co-author Tony Schwartz argues “anything goes” for “psychopath” President Trump, and believes Trump will not leave the White House if he loses the election because giving up is “unthinkable” for him. This comes as Joe Biden says his “greatest concern” is that Trump would look to “steal” the 2020 election, and is “absolutely convinced” the military “will escort” Trump “from The White House with great dispatch.” Schwartz argues he has “no doubt that Trump will do everything he possibly can,” to “try to steal this election.




Trump never admits he’s wrong or makes a mistake and never apologizes. His insane behavior is so transparent it’s hard to believe that he has millions of supporters that are so STUPID they believe his lies about the Election being stolen.