Rick Scott Can EAT SHIT for Comments about Liberals

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Rick Scott Can EAT SHIT for Comments about Liberals not being welcome in Florida. He’s not an emperor, a king or dictator who’s in a position to decide who’s welcome in Florida and who isn’t. He doesn’t OWN Florida. If we had a properly functioning Government & Justice System, Scott would be in PRISON for Medicare Fraud, not grifting off of taxpayers and holding a position of power as a United States Senator… a position which he’s TOTALLY unqualified to fill.

This is just another example of how Rick Scott is an IDIOT unfit to hold Public Office and how people who vote for him and Republicans are STUPID MORONS.



Calling for Biden to resign is a deflection of Scott’s own unfitness to hold office. Rick Scott is the one who should RESIGN for wanting to “Sunset” Social Security, Tax the poor, support for Trump, failure to vote to impeach Trump, voting to overturn the 2020 election, anti-Democratic Voter obstruction tactics when he was Governor, failure to ban assault weapon, failure to listen to his constituents and Medicare Fraud .



The 14th Amendment is clear. No American engaged in insurrection or rebellion is allowed to hold office. While Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley share the most blame, Rick Scott also voted to overturn the 2020 election.



Florida Senator Rick Scott proved he’s LAWLESS by failing to vote to Impeach Trump who violated his Oath of Office numerous ways, including Obstructing Justice, Abuse of Power, Blocking Congressional Oversight, Dirt on an opponent for Foreign Aid, Pressured Georgia Secretary of State to “find” more votes, incited an Insurrection to stay in office by a Coup and more.



Title from Youtube: “Rick Scott CAN’T WAIT To Rob The Poor With Taxes”

Description from Youtube: “Florida Senator Rick Scott couldn’t contain his excitement when doubling down on his plan to raise taxes for most Americans if Republicans retake the Senate majority after this year’s midterm elections. In an interview with Laura Ingraham, Scott detailed that his plan would specifically go after Americans who don’t pay any income taxes, like the people who want “free government stuff”.


Title from Youtube: “Rick Scott Forced To Lie About His Tax Plan After It Blows Up In His Face”

Description from Youtube: “Republican Senator Rick Scott is now trying to lie his way out of his plan to raise taxes on low income Americans, and he’s claiming that this was never part of his plan. However, it is clear as day in the plan as Scott prepared it, and no amount of creative talking and linguistic gymnastics are going to be able to change the fact that this is what he wanted to do”.


Republicans has been wanting to Tax the Poor for Years

In 2011, Senator Orrin Hatch stated “I think it’s abysmal 51% of Americans do not pay income taxes”.


Title from Youtube: “Rick Scott Stole Millions From Florida”

Description from Youtube: “Governor Rick Scott stole from his constituents to fund Trump during the 2016 election”. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.


Per the above article: Senators ignoring impeachment trial is outrageous

“Sens. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio were both spotted not watching the video presented by the House prosecutors, key evidence during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Tuesday (”Senate agrees to hear case,” Feb. 10). As a constituent, this enrages me. It is unprofessional and presents Floridians as arrogant, flagrantly partisan, backwater hicks who don’t understand the gravity of this trial and their serious duty”.


Sen. Rubio, Sen. Scott ignored chilling evidence of riot, voted to let Trump off

The U.S. House prosecutors clearly outlined how Trump was directly responsible for causing one of the darkest days in U.S. history.

REPUBLICANS Marco Rubio & Rick Scott prove their LAWLESS pieces of SHIT and worthless partisan HACKS by ignoring impeachment evidence and voting to let Trump off


Rick Scott Gets Torn To Shreds For Giving Trump A Presidential Participation Trophy

During an interview this weekend, Republican Senator Rick Scott defended his decision to give Donald Trump what amounted to a “participation trophy” at a recent Republican donor retreat. Scott said that Trump was given the award because he “worked hard” and because he held so many foreign leaders “accountable,” but he was unable to explain what either of those things actually meant.


Title from Youtube: “Top Republican Rick Scott’s history of Fraud and Corruption EXPOSED”

Description from Youtube: “Republican Senator Rick Scott, who heads the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), is under fire after millions of dollars were discovered missing and unaccounted for in the organization as the midterm elections approach. On the MeidasTouch Podcast, Ben and Brett break down Rick Scott’s history of fraud and corruption, and how the Republican Party is reaping what it sowed”.


Rick Scott’s Fraud Settlement Resurfaces as Senate GOP Runs Low on Cash

The GOP senator chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which has nixed midterm ad bookings amid a reported money crunch.

Rick Scott’s Fraud Settlement Resurfaces as Senate GOP Runs Low on Cash

Per the above article: “Critics of Senator Rick Scott, a Florida Republican who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), resurfaced a past Medicare fraud settlement from his tenure as CEO of a hospital corporation, as his committee reportedly is running short on cash and pulling ads in support of GOP Senate candidates with less than three months until the midterm election.

The NRSC is the primary organization working to raise funds and support Republican candidates in the party’s bid to take back the majority in the upper chamber of Congress. Scott has led the committee since January 2021, but The Washington Post reported on Friday that campaign advisers are asking “where all the money went and to demand an audit of the committee’s finances” as the NRSC pulls ads and runs low on funds.

Many on Twitter pointed to Scott’s past Medicare fraud scandal during his time as CEO of Columbia/HCA. When Scott was deposed in 2000 amid the investigation, he pleaded the Fifth Amendment 75 times”.


91-Year-Old Decorated WWII Veteran Targeted By Republican’s Voter Purge

Florida Republicans took voter suppression to brazen extremes. After the 2010 election, Republican Gov. Rick Scott instructed Secretary of State Ken Browning to compile a massive database of alleged “non-citizen” voters. This resulted in a 91-year-old World War II veteran who won a Bronze star being told by the state of Florida to prove he is a citizen or be removed from voter roll.


Former FL GOP chair says ‘right-wing crazies’ want to suppress black vote

Former Florida Republican Party Chair Jim Greer testified in a lawsuit filed against his former party that “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies” wanted to suppress the black vote through Voter ID and tactics like current state Gov. Rick Scott’s efforts to purge voter rolls.





Charlie Crist” Fighting for people’s right to vote while Anti-Democratic FASCIST Republicans fought to keep people from voting. People who voted for Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis are STUPID.


Rick Scott responsible for algae and red tide in Florida


Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed more pro-gun bills into law in one term than any other governor in Florida history – and not even Parkland has convinced him to ban assault-style rifles.


Pundits at MSNBC discusses what an awkward, untalented politician & speaker Rick Scott is


Rick Scott’s Water Crisis

American Bridge & LCV Victory Fund Launch Ad Exposing Rick Scott’s Record on Algae, Clean Water


Rick Scott’s Offshore Drilling Hypocrisy

Scott‘s inconsistent flip-flop positions on offshore drilling

ALL Republicans need to be voted out of office because they don’t give a damn about the middle class and the poor.


The Crazy Ones


Rick Scott Declares Republican Civil War Over As His Party Falls Apart

Republican Senator Rick Scott circulated a memo (as head of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee) this week officially declaring the civil war inside the Republican Party to be over. Apparently, the rest of the Party doesn’t quite agree with Scott’s analysis of things, but at least someone in the Party is trying to show a little bit of leadership…or is he? Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


Video shows how Governor Rick Scott has engaged in Anti-Democratic Voter Obstruction tactics. He & Republicans caused long lines by decreasing the days people could vote. Decreasing access to voting is ANTI-DEMOCRATIC dictator, Banana Republic tactics.

Video also shows how Florida Manatee county Republican controlled Board of Commissioners voted to reduce the number of Precincts from 99 to 69. This appears to be another attempt by Republicans to rig elections.

Scott has signed more pro-gun bills into law in one term than any other governor in Florida history – and not even Parkland has convinced him to ban assault-style rifles.







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