Chaos at Twitter Since Right Winger Elon Musk Took Over

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Chaos at Twitter since Radical Right Winger Elon Musk Took over with half its workforce laid off, executives resigning, advertisers fleeing and trolls running rampant

Two weeks after Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter, the future of the company has never looked less certain. In the past week alone, one of the world’s most influential social networks has laid off half its workforce; alienated powerful advertisers; blown up key aspects of its product, then repeatedly launched and un-launched other features aimed at compensating for it; and witnessed an exodus of senior executives.




Resignations roil Twitter as Elon Musk tries persuading some to stay: NYT

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin joins Morning Joe to discuss the current tumult at Twitter after Elon Musk tries persuading some workers to stay after laying off staff and issuing an ultimatum to employees.


Twitter Employees Receive Ultimatum From CEO Elon Musk

Recent mass layoffs and resignations leave Twitter in chaos and its future uncertain.


Tech expert Carmi Levy on internal chaos at Twitter


‘Things Are Getting Buggier’ Inside Twitter’s Turmoil

“Katy Tur sat down with Business Insider’s Linette Lopez to talk about the rapid decline of Twitter after Elon Musk acquired the site”.


Elon Musk’s huge ego has ensured that he’s Reaping what he sowed & getting his comeuppance over Twitter.

Description from YouTube: “Musk continues to crumble after purchasing Twitter by blaming activists for Twitter losing revenue when in reality he is making and claiming he will make clear changes to the social media platform”.


Michael Rapaport says what he thinks about Elon Musk


A Reminder of Just Some of the Terrible Things Elon Musk Has Said and Done

Like the employees of Twitter, who reportedly reacted to yesterday’s news with “shock and dismay,” a lot of people are not enthused about the idea of Elon Musk buying the social media network.

Per the above article, here’s some of the Terrible Things Elon Musk Has Said and Done

Online, those things have included:


  • Reopening a Tesla factory in violation of public health orders, where 450 cases were subsequently recorded
  • Running a company (Tesla) that was ordered to pay nearly $137 million to a former Black employee who said the company ignored repeated complaints that he was called the N-word and that his colleagues “had drawn swastikas and scratched a racial epithet in a bathroom stall and left drawings of derogatory caricatures of Black children around the factory.” (In a message to Tesla employees, a human resources executive downplayed the man’s allegations, noting he was a contractor, not a full-time staffer, and that other witnesses had said that while they heard racial slurs, they were used in a “friendly” manner. The H.R. executive added that the company was “not perfect” at the time of the incidents, and “is still not perfect,” but has “come a long way.”)
  • Running a company (Tesla), where a female worker said sexual harassment was “rampant,” alleging “nightmarish conditions” and a factory that “more resembles a crude, archaic construction site or frat house than a cutting-edge company in the heart of the progressive San Francisco Bay area.” (The company did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Washington Post, which noted Tesla “does not typically respond to press inquiries.”)
  • Running a company (Tesla) that employees have called a “modern-day sweatshop” (In response, Telsa said it abided by California laws.)
  • Attempting to “destroy a Tesla whistleblower
  • Reportedly exploding at “executives and lower-ranking workers” alike, and allegedly firing people who disagreed with him (Musk has denied allegations that he goes on firing sprees)
  • Announcing Tesla’s headquarters would move to Texas one month after the state effectively banned all abortions
  • Paying a private investigator $50,000 to dig up dirt on the cave diver he called “pedo guy”


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