Trump Attorney DiGenova Advocates Execution of Ex-Cyber Chief

Trump campaign lawyer stirs outrage by saying ex-cyber chief should be ‘taken out at dawn and shot’

An attorney for the Trump campaign said the federal government’s former top cybersecurity chief should be “shot” for describing the U.S. election as secure. Joe diGenova condemned Christopher Krebs, former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, on Monday’s episode of “The Howie Carr Show.”

“Trump Attorney Joe DiGenova stirs outrage by saying ex-cyber chief Christopher Krebs should be ‘taken out at dawn and shot’.

Ex-cyber chief Christopher Krebs DID HIS JOB and told the truth that the 2020 election was one of the most secure in history. Trump supporters filed over 50 bogus, meritless lawsuits and no court find any “voter fraud”, so these right wing bastards are furious about it and want revenge bc things didn’t go their way.

I think DiGenova should be arrested and prosecuted for advocating the death of a public official. The fact that he hasn’t been arrested is another example of why the United States Government SUCKS> & how we have two justice systems… one where the RICH & Politically well connected is never held accountable… another where average Joe’s gets 25 years to life in prison for stealing a pair of socks!




Fired cybersecurity chief hints at legal action after Trump campaign lawyer said he should be shot

WASHINGTON – Christopher Krebs, who was recently fired by President Donald Trump as the head of the federal government’s election cybersecurity efforts, suggested Tuesday that he might take legal action against one of Trump’s lawyers who said that Krebs should be shot.

Cybersecurity chief hints at legal action after Trump campaign lawyer said he should be shot. “I’ve got an exceptional team of lawyers that win in court, and I think they’re probably going to be busy,” he said.



Former Cybersecurity Official Christopher Krebs Sues Joe diGenova, Trump Campaign And Newsmax For Defamation

Christopher Krebs, a former top Trump administration cybersecurity official who defended the security of this year’s presidential election, filed suit against attorney Joe diGenova, the Trump campaign and Newsmax for defamation.

Former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency director Chris Krebs on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Trump campaign lawyer Joe diGenova, the Trump campaign, and Newsmax Media for defamation, emotional distress and conspiracy.

Driving the news: DiGenova said in an interview aired on Newsmax on Nov. 30 that Krebs “should be drawn and quartered” and “taken out at dawn and shot,” after Krebs went on “60 Minutes” to dispute President Trump’s baseless claims that the election was rigged.

Details: The lawsuit claims that diGenova, the Trump campaign and Newsmax are “engaged in a conspiracy to defame and inflict severe emotional distress on” Krebs and other Republicans “who refuse to subserviently hew to the [Trump] campaign’s false narratives” on election fraud.

The lawsuit also says that the defendants knowingly defamed Krebs by suggesting that he committed treason — and provoked threats from users on social media — to cause Krebs “so much pain and suffering that he … fall in line.”

What they’re saying: “Newsmax, the campaign, and diGenova have a symbiotic relationship,” the lawsuit reads.

“Newsmax disseminates and amplifies the [Trump] campaign’s and diGenova’s attacks on perceived political threats and allegations of election stealing, which pleases viewers, prompts endorsements from President Trump, increases ratings, supports the political goals of the campaign, and helps raise more money from duped supporters.”


Chris Krebs, Election Security Official Fired by Trump, Sues Over Threats

The U.S. election and cybersecurity official who was fired last month by President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Tuesday over threatening remarks by a lawyer for the president that prompted a wave of death threats against him.

Pert the above article; “Christopher Krebs says in the suit that he has been “bombarded” with threats since attorney Joseph diGenova appeared on the pro-Trump TV network Newsmax and called for Krebs to be killed.

“The defendants’ threats have upended plaintiff’s life, as well as his family’s security, and caused serious fear, distress, suffering, and even physical damage,” he said in the lawsuit, filed in diGenova’s home state of Maryland.

Amid the threats, Krebs, a Republican and Trump appointee, was forced to move out of his home in Virginia for several days and hire private security. He still keeps his children from playing in their front yard out of fear, attorney Jim Walden said.

“It has fundamentally uprooted their lives,” Walden said. “He and his family feel terribly threatened.”

Krebs was director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency until he was fired in a Nov. 17 tweet by Trump after he and other officials who oversaw the election determined it was free of major fraud or interference, contradicting the president’s unsubstantiated assertions to the contrary.

DiGenova said in a Nov. 30 appearance on Newsmax that Krebs should be “drawn and quartered” and “taken out at dawn and shot” for his defense of the November election won by Joe Biden and his participation in what he portrayed as a “coup” against the president.

He later said he had been joking in the interview but the lawsuit calls the remarks “shockingly irresponsible and dangerous,” in the tense political climate. Walden said it’s part of a broader effort by the president’s allies to intimidate public officials, especially Republicans, to prevent them from refuting baseless allegations about the vote.

“No one should be targeted and defamed as a ‘traitor’ for faithfully performing the duties of public service,” he said. “That is what happened to Chris and to Republicans all across the country, who truthfully, and based on their substantial experience, are upholding the integrity of the election in the face of a false narrative regarding its results.”

Krebs is seeking financial damages from diGenova, Newsmax and the Trump campaign”.




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