Joe Biden Steam Rolled By Trump During 2020 Debate

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Trump predictably behaved like a unhinged bully at the 2020 Presidential Debate. It wasn’t really a debate at all… it was Trump spouting off non-stop BS and FOX conspiracy theories to beat down his opponent, never letting his opponent get a word in. That appeared to be the Trump teams strategy.


Biden’s Debate Performance Worries The Progressive Left


Biden behaved exactly like I thought he would… as a frail, milquetoast, wimp. He lived up to the concerns I voiced in the article I wrote on March 1, 2020… Joe Biden: Democrats Worst Choice for President

As I stated, I think Biden was / is Democrats worst choice. He has more baggage than any other Democrat candidate and is the least motivating. Michael Moore called Biden 2020’s Hillary Clinton and I agree.

I do think Joe Biden is a good, decent man. But being good and decent is no match for someone like Trump who has no decency and who will do / say anything to win.

I feel anyone over 65 is too old to be running for President…. and that includes Bernie Sanders and Trump. If everyone who holds a position in the government (congressman, judges, etc) would retire at 65, we’d be a lot better off.  We need change, and we’re not going to get it by keeping old farts in office until they kick the bucket.


Tim Ryan was my pick for the Democrat’s Presidential Candidate. Unfortunately, he received little notice. As you can see from the above speech (and others on youtube), Ryan could have DESTROYED Trump.


This old cartoon reminds me of how Republicans bully Democrats and how Trump bullied Biden during the 1st 2020 presidential debate. Democrats need more “Tim Ryan’s” who will kick some ass!


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