Gas Stove Ban is More Right Wing BULLSHIT

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There’s NO ban being proposed on Gas Stoves… it’s more fear Mongering BULLSHIT invented by Right Wing Media to make gullible dumb-asses hate Biden and Democrats


Gaslighting: Clarifying Fox News, GOP outrage on gas stove ‘ban’

The nation’s top consumer watchdog agency flagged concerns about indoor air pollution from gas stoves. GOP lawmakers and right-wing media were outraged.



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A Democratic member of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an agency charged with protecting the public from dangerous household products, told Bloomberg News gas stoves could potentially be banned due to their health hazards. The conversation triggered a sharp rebuke from the oil and gas industry, but also many Republicans who used the issue to push back against what they say is Democrats’ overzealous environmental regulation.

The agency clarified on Wednesday that there is no plan to ban gas stoves in the near future and that it is only “researching gas emissions” and “exploring new ways to address any health risks.” But that didn’t stop conservatives from pushing a narrative—sometimes joking, sometimes not—that federal agents are going to come into your home and rip out your gas range.


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