Felons Victimized by Republicans and DeSantis “Voter Fraud Crackdown”

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Florida convicted Felons who served their time were given voter ID cards by state officials and are now being victimized & punished by being arrested under Radical Right Wing Fascist Republicans & Ron Desantis ‘Election Integrity’ law.

Since the State of Florida give these convicted Felons voter ID cards, it give them the impression it was alright to vote. It therefore seems these people are victims of entrapment.

IMO, these convicted Felons who were given voter ID cards by state officials should SUE the State of Florida for BILLIONS. Also the United States DOJ should defend these convicted Felons and sue the State of Florida for violating their civil rights.


8-30-22 UPDATE: Ron DeSantis’ Election Fraud Arrests Are Already Unraveling

Florida governor Ron DeSantis recently held a major press conference in a heavily Democratic area of the state to announce the arrests of 20 individuals by his new election fraud police. But it turns out that few, if any, of these cases are actually prosecutable because of the way that the Florida voter fraud law is written. So this big spectacle is already falling apart, and DeSantis looks even dumber than usual.


Why DeSantis’ Voter Fraud Crackdown Is On Shaky Ground

Remember last month when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his “election police” loudly charged 20 Floridians with voter fraud? The only problem: Most say they were cleared to vote – by officials reporting to DeSantis. Florida State Rep. Anna Eskamani (D) and Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern join Mehdi to discuss how the 2024 presidential hopeful’s plan is backfiring.


Ron DeSantis’ Latest Political Stunt Blows Up In His Face

Citizens of Florida who were arrested as part of Ron DeSantis’ “crackdown” on voter fraud thought they were eligible to cast ballots.

Just another example of what a DUMB ASS FASCIST DeSantis is. His reelection ads are STUPID. He LOOKS and ACTS RETARDED! Only DUMB ASSES supports this guy.











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