Trump Poll Watches To Intimidate Minority Voters

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Donald Trump will do anything to win, and his supporters will do anything to help him. They view themselves as on some kind of a mission to protect him, and Trump is trying to cash in on their delusion. Trump has now issued a call to action for people to join his “army” and become poll watchers in November.

Trump wanting his supporters to be Poll Watches to Intimidate Minority Voters & keep them from Voting is another method used by authoritarian dictators to rig elections.


Armed Trump Supporters Show Up To Intimidate Florida Voters

Men with guns showed up and posted themselves outside of a Florida early voting location this week, telling authorities that they had actually been hired by the Trump campaign to do so. While the actual reason for their presence there is currently under investigation, this is the type of psychotic behavior we can expect from Trump supporters as the election nears and as his poll numbers keep falling.

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