Mike Lindell goes BERSERK When Asked About “Martial Law” Note

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell erupts at CBS News journalist while being questioned about a note with “Martial Law” written on it outside the White House. Starts yelling “Traitor” like a maniac.

Mike Lindell is the REAL TRAITOR for supporting “Martial Law” and doing everything possible to keep the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, the most LAWLESS PRESIDENT IN HISTORY and most HATED PRESIDENT IN HISTORY in office after he LOST the 2020 election

All claims that “Trump Won” and the 2020 election was “Stolen” are DELUSIONAL BULLSHIT which the majority of people are FED UP with hearing out of lunatic, Trump Supporters.


The above photo shows Lindell at at Trump Rally looking / acting like he’s in a state of euphoria. IMO, one of the reasons Lindell is so upset that Trump is no longer in the White House is because Lindell was a NOBODY most of his life. Having access to the the White House and the President of the United States made him feel special & important, so he desperately wants that back, no matter what it takes. Bet I’m Right!


At the 2022 CPAC, CBS reporter Robert Costa took a moment to ask MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell about paperwork that he had in his hand relating to declaring Martial Law following the 2020 Presidential election. Lindell had the papers in his hand while being photographed heading into the White House. The question from Costa was enough to send Lindell into an absolutely deranged tirade, where he began chanting and shouting at the reporter for asking a simple question.








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