Republicans STUPID for Backing Kanye West Presidential Campaign

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Republicans proved how STUPID they are running a covert campaign supporting West to hurt Joe Biden when everyone saw Kanye West kissing Trump’s ass (in the video below). Republicans further proved how STUPID they are, believing blacks (who know West is a Trump supporter) would vote for West over Democrat, Joe Biden.


Video of Kanye West kissing (Worst Fake President in History) Trump’s ASS in the Oval Office, seen by millions of people.


Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign Was Secretly Run By Republican Operatives

A new report from The Daily Beast has revealed that Kanye West’s ridiculous third party run for President last year was actually being run by a gaggle of Republican operatives. Given the way the campaign was set up and run, it could potentially pose serious legal questions that the musician may have to answer for investigators. The main issue is that some of these Republican advisers were not paid – or at least the campaign failed to disclose those payments – and that’s where potential law-breaking comes in.


Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign Was Secretly Run by TRUMP- LOVING Republican Elites

Jesse talks about the latest developments related to Kanye’s laughable run for President of the United States last year. Reporting now shows that GOP elites were intimately involved in an apparent attempt to reelect Donald Trump by siphoning off votes from Joe Biden.




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