Americans and World Leaders Celebrate Trump’s Defeat as if a Dictator was Overthrown

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Americans Celebrate Trump’s Defeat in the Streets as if a Dictator was overthrown (because Dictator Trump HAS been defeated and overthrown)

Popping champagne and dancing, people take to the streets across the US to celebrate Biden, Harris win and defeat MAGA Trump and the Republican party. Nationwide, people took to the streets in celebration of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections, after he reached the 270 vote Minimum.


Crowd chants ‘NO MORE TRUMP’ outside Trump property, celebrates Joe Biden election victory


Biden Harris Election Celebration COMPILATION Across the Country 46th President Defeats TRUMP speech


Americans Celebrate as Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump to Win 2020 Election


Supporters of Democrat Joe Biden have taken to the streets in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington to celebrate victory in the 2020 US Election


It’s not just Trump leaving the White House in January — say goodbye to all his lackeys, too



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