Texas Republicans Responsible for Power Grid Failures

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Texas Republicans neglected to weatherize the state’s electric power grid for decades leaving millions without power


AGAIN: Texas Power EMERGENCY, Power Plants Fail

Texas has yet another power emergency in the midst of historic cold weather as a power plant fails


Texas Ignored Report Predicting Power Grid Emergency For 10 Years

Houston Chronicle reporter Zach Despart and University of Houston Energy Fellow Ed Hirs join Chuck Todd to discuss the power grid emergency


Texas governor blames winter power outages on windmills

CNN’s Brianna Keilar corrects Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after he blamed renewable energy for power shortages during a winter storm.


‘Brazen Lie’: Chris Hayes Calls Out Gov. Abbott, Fox News For Texas Power Grid Lies


Expert Debunks Texas Governor Who Blames Power Outage On Green New Deal


Power outages in the state of Texas have claimed the lives of multiple people after a massive snowstorm blew through the area. And Republicans have wasted absolutely no time finding something to blame other than their idiotic policies – windmills. Conservatives across the country are saying that it is the windmills who are to blame because they froze, ignoring the fact that their policies created the conditions for all of this to happen.


Tucker Carlson Promoted at Fox News after Lying About Renewable Energy


MSNBC’s Morning Joe busts Texas governor’s ‘preposterous lie’ about power outage: ‘It’s all his fault!’ Gov. Greg Abbott has blamed the outage on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and renewable energy, although wind turbines and other green energy sources make up only a fraction of the state’s power capacity — and the “Morning Joe” host laid the blame squarely on decades of Republican governance in Texas.

“He’s just lying through his teeth,” Scarborough said. “He can’t blame AOC, he can’t blame the [Green New Deal] or renewables. It’s all his fault and all the fault of the Texas lawmakers who continued to underfund their energy infrastructure.” (Source: rawstory.com/texas-power-outage-2650594776/)


“We are nearing a failed state in Texas. And it has nothing to do with God, or natural disasters. It has everything to do with the leadership and those in the positions of public trust who have failed us,” says Beto O’Rourke amid Texas’ latest crisis: massive power outages.


Texas governor tries to blame Democrats after GOP mistakes cause of fatal power outages

Texas Republicans have received stinging criticism for their policies after power outages killed Texans during this week’s brutal snowstorms.Even though coal and natural gas — plus the unusual situation of The Lone Star State having its own power grid — are largely responsible for the fatal power …

Per the article above; “Even though coal and natural gas — plus the unusual situation of The Lone Star State having its own power grid — are largely responsible for the fatal power outages, Republicans have sought to blame wind and solar power.

Hours after saying energy producers have told him natural gas pipes are frozen, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) went on Fox News to praise fossil fuels to Sean Hannity.

“So this shows how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States of America,” Abbott argued, even though the Green New Deal has not passed Congress and Republicans have near-total control of Texas”.


Texas Makes Citizens Pay For Power Grid Failures


Homeowners hit with electric bills as high as $17K amid Texas winter storm


Many Texans are facing sky high electricity bills, some charged thousands of dollars for just the past few days due to the freezing weather. NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle talks to a Texas resident who usually spends 49 dollars a month in electricity, and had a recent bill of 4,000 dollars.



Republican Texas Lt. Governor Mocks Citizens Hit With Ridiculous Energy Bills

Texas’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is an absolutely disgusting human being. During an interview with Fox News this week, Patrick suggested that citizens who have been hit with astronomical energy bills of more than $10,000 should have “read the fine print” on the contracts they signed. He’s actually siding with the energy companies that are price gouging consumers.




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