Republicans Hateful Bastards Since Obama Ran for President

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Some think Trump is responsible for making Republicans hateful, bigoted & violent but the above video shows how rotten Republican has been behaving since when Obama was running for President… using LIES and HATE… just like they do now.


Audio of a robocall received in western PA

While Obama was running for President, Republicans engaged in the most vile, hateful conduct ever seen against someone running for President. It was clear from the beginning, they hated him because he was BLACK.


Fascist. Communist. Socialist. Racist. These are just a few of the things President Obama has been called by conservatives since he took office in 2008, and history isn’t going to forget it.


For years, Trump accused Obama of not being a United Stated Citizen and Republicans ATE IT UP!


Christian Pastor Exposes Evangelical Republicans for the Hypocrites they are


Trump’s message is violent to its core




Former Republican David Jolly unleashes on the ‘rotten to the core’ politicians of the GOP

These are, in today’s Republican party, spineless politicians rotten to the core without virtue, without any level of human integrity, devoid of self respect, self reflection…Without courage and without the moral compass to recognize their own malevolence.’

“There is no greater example of selling your soul to a charlatan than what Republicans are doing right now in the House and the Senate,” he added. “And their legacies are on the line just as much as Donald Trump’s.”

Jolly was a lifelong Republican until he jumped ship in 2018. Before then, he served in Congress from 2014 to 2017 following the death of his boss. He ran for Senate in 2016 but dropped out when Marco Rubio opted to seek a second term.  (Source:









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