Trump Wanted SNL Investigated by the DOJ for Making Fun of Him

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Trump tried to get government lawyers to shut down and censor SNL Saturday Night Live for mocking him. This is how TYRANTS & DICTATORS behave where everyone must worship the “Dear Leader” or “Off with their heads!”.

According to two people familiar with the matter, Trump asked advisers and lawyers in early 2019 about what the Federal Communications Commission, the court system, and—most confusingly to some Trump lieutenants—the Department of Justice could do to probe or mitigate SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, and other late-night comedy outlets which made fun of Trump.

In early 2019, Trump had to be repeatedly advised that the “equal-time” rules to which he appeared to refer wouldn’t even apply in this situation, given that late-night shows and NBC sketch comedy are clearly staged satire, and thus not bound by the same requirements of other forms of broadcast TV and radio.




Donald Trump Tried to Get Department of Justice to Stop ‘SNL’ From Teasing Him

Jesse talks about Daily Beast’s reporting that Donald Trump tried to misuse the weight, authority, and power of the U.S. government to go after Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, and other late-night comedy shows for making fun of him.


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