Steve Bannon WRONG: Trump Will Return in 2022 or Before

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Former Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon was WRONG, saying that Trump’s return will be in “2022 or maybe before”. That didn’t happen!

It’s now 2023 and no TRUMP in the White House (THANK GOD!) Just goes to show how STUPID Bannon is and how NO ONE should listen to ANYTHING he has to say.



Description from ABC NEWS / YouTube: “Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was arrested after being charged with defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors through the “We Build the Wall” campaign”.


Representative for New York’s 2nd congressional district Peter King (R) stated: Steve Bannon “looks like some disheveled drunk who wandered on to the political stage” says Alabama vote was a “revulsion by people” of Bannon’s style and political views.


Peter King (R) says Steve Bannon Looks Like a Drunk (LOL)



Science Says “Conservatives” are Stupid!





Rubes can’t win on the merits of anything they’ve done to improve citizens lives so they LIE, use devise social issues and Rig Elections by Gerrymandering, Decrease the number of Days and Hours people can Vote, Purge Minorities off Voters Rolls, Decrease Drop-boxes, Decrease Voting Machines in Urban areas, Limit Polling locations / hours, Make it harder to Vote by Mail and if all else fails, passed laws to overturn election results they don’t like.




A Quinnipiac University poll asked Americans for the first word that comes to mind when they think of Trump. The answers given was idiot, incompetent, liar, unqualified, arrogant, egotistical, ignorant, asshole, bully, clown and stupid.


This video shows what a MORON Trump is, how he lies, can’t speak coherently half the time and has the vocabulary of an 8 year old. Another example of how the Republican party is the “Stupid Party” which attracts IDIOTS, MORONS and SIMPLETONS.



Staffers claim Trump was unable to stay focused, had a 2 minute attention span… former DHS official claims classified memos had to be ‘dumbed down’ so he could understand them… reported to have required a ‘Special Folder’ with flattering news and photos about himself Twice a Day. Top White House officials described Trump as; “a f***ing moron”, “he tries to divide us”, “he’s an Idiot”, “a professional liar”, “thinks he God”, “like an 11 year old child”, “dumb as shit”, “dope with the intelligence of a kindergartner” & “I don’t think he’s fit for office”.





If the Justice Department & States Trump pressured to “find votes” and overturn the 2020 election does their jobs, Trump won’t be available for ANY position in Government. He’ll be arrested, prosecuted and in prison in 2022!


Former Federal Prosecutor Glenn Kirschner Lists Potential Crimes Trump Committed


Fox News Andrew Napolitano explains how based on the Mueller Report, Trump obstructed justice multiple times.


DOJ Must Prosecute Trump Or Else Nothing Matters Anymore

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe has written a new op-ed calling for the US Department of Justice to prosecute Donald Trump. If this doesn’t happen, Tribe argues, the rule of law in the United States is effectively meaningless. He isn’t wrong, and the DOJ has an obligation to make sure that Trump is held accountable for his most egregious offenses


Trump is so LAWLESS and CORRUPT that according to reports, he tried to pressure the Department of Justice to declare the 2020 election was corrupted so he could stay in office AGAINST the will of the people.


Trump is so LAWLESS and CORRUPT that he pressured Georgia’s Republican secretary of state to “find more votes” to shift the count in his favor


Trump engaged in Sedition, Insurrection and Treason by inciting violence, chaos and rioting in Washington, DC to stop the certification of Joe Biden and overturn the election to make himself an UN-elected Dictator. Rioters stormed the House & Senate chambers, wrecking havoc, destruction and deaths at the United States Capital.

Trump blatantly violated the Constitution by spending funds not appropriated by Congress, accepting gifts from foreign governments, and using the power of his office to pressure at least one foreign government to do him political favors


Source for list of 10 below:
(1) Pressure On Comey To End Probe Of Michael Flynn – Comey testified to congress that Trump said this at a private dinner meeting; “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go,”. Mueller’s report says “substantial evidence” indicates Trump’s decision to fire Comey in May 2017 was the result of the FBI director’s unwillingness to say publicly that Trump was not personally under investigation.
(2) Reaction To The Continuing Russia Investigation – Among the evidence is the president telling then-White House counsel Don McGahn to stop Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia investigation and Trump’s subsequent anger at Sessions. Trump also contacted Comey and other intelligence agency leaders to ask them to push back publicly on the suggestion that Trump had any connection to the Russian election-interference effort.
(3) Firing Of Comey And Aftermath – Mueller’s report says “substantial evidence” indicates Trump’s decision to fire Comey in May 2017 was the result of the FBI director’s unwillingness to say publicly that Trump was not personally under investigation. On the day after Trump fired Comey, the president told Russian officials that he had “faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”
(4) Appointment Of Special Counsel And Efforts To Remove Him – Following media reports that Mueller’s team was investigating whether Trump had obstructed justice, Trump called then-White House counsel Don McGahn at home and directed him to have Mueller removed. McGahn refused.
(5) Further Efforts To Curtail The Special Counsel’s Investigation – Trump instructed former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to have Sessions publicly announce that, notwithstanding his recusal from the Russia investigation, the investigation was “very unfair” to the president, the president had done nothing wrong, and Sessions planned to meet with Mueller to limit him to “investigating election meddling for future elections.
(6) Efforts To Prevent Public Disclosure Of Evidence – In summer of 2017, Trump learned that the news media planned to report on the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between senior campaign officials and Russians offering derogatory information about Hillary Clinton. The president directed aides not to publicly disclose the emails setting up the meeting. Before the emails became public, the president also edited a press statement for Donald Trump Jr. by deleting a line that acknowledged that the meeting was “with an individual who (Trump Jr.) was told might have information helpful to the campaign.”
(7) Additional Efforts To Have Sessions Take Control Of Investigation At several points in between July 2017 and December 2017, Trump tried to get Sessions to declare that he was no longer recused from the Russia investigation and would assert control over it. The report says there’s evidence that one purpose of asking Sessions to step in was so that the attorney general would restrict the investigation’s scope.
(8) Trump Orders White House Counsel To Deny That President Tried To Fire Mueller– In an Oval Office meeting in February 2018, Trump told McGahn to “correct” a New York Times story that reported Trump had earlier instructed McGahn to fire Mueller. Trump also asked why McGahn had told Mueller’s investigators about the directive to remove Mueller. McGahn told Trump he had to tell the investigators the truth.
(9) Trump’s Actions Toward, Flynn, Manafort And Other Possible Witnesses– Mueller looked at whether Trump’s sympathetic messages to Flynn, former campaign manager Paul Manafort and others were intended to limit their cooperation with Mueller’s investigation. When Flynn began cooperating with prosecutors, Trump passed word through his lawyer that he still had warm feeling for Flynn and asked for a “heads up” if Flynn knew of information implicating Trump. Trump praised Manafort during and after his criminal convictions, and refused to rule out a pardon for his former campaign chairman.
(10) Trump Actions Toward Michael Cohen – Mueller noted that Trump’s conduct toward Cohen, a former Trump Organization executive, changed from praise to castigation after Cohen began cooperating with prosecutors. The evidence could “support an inference that the president used inducements in the form of positive messages in an effort to get Cohen not to cooperate, and then turned to attacks and intimidation to deter” cooperation and undermine Cohen’s credibility, Mueller wrote.
(1) President Trump—acting both directly and through his agents Within and Outside the United States Government corruptly solicited the Government of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations into (A) a political opponent, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and (B) a discredited theory promoted by Russia alleging that Ukraine—rather than Russia—interfered in the 2016 United States Presidential election.
(2) With the same corrupt motives, President Trump—acting both directly and through his agents within and outside the United States Government—conditioned two official acts on the public announcements that he had requested
(A) the release of $391 million of United States taxpayer funds that Congress had appropriated on a bipartisan basis for the purpose of providing vital military and security assistance to Ukraine to oppose Russian aggression and which President Trump had ordered suspended;
(B) a head of state meeting at the White House, which the President of Ukraine sought to demonstrate continued United States support for the Government of Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.
(3) Faced with the public revelation of his actions, President Trump ultimately released the military and security assistance to the Government of Ukraine, but has persisted in openly and corruptly urging and soliciting Ukraine to undertake investigations for his personal political benefit.
(1) Directing the White House to defy a lawful subpoena by withholding the production of documents sought therein by the Committees.
(2) Directing other Executive Branch agencies and offices to defy lawful subpoenas and withhold the production of documents and records from the Committees—in response to which the Department of State, Office of Management and Budget, Department of Energy, and Department of Defense refused to produce a single document or record.
(3) Directing current and former Executive Branch officials not to cooperate with the Committees—in response to which nine Administration officials defied subpoenas for testimony, namely John Michael “Mick” Mulvaney, Robert B. Blair, John A. Eisenberg, Michael Ellis, Preston Wells Griffith, Russell T. Vought, Michael Duffey, Brian McCormack, and T. Ulrich Brechbuhl.
These actions were consistent with Trump’s previous efforts to undermine United States Government investigations into foreign interference in United States elections.
Emoluments Violations – Has received tax payer and foreign money at properties he owns while President, violating the Emoluments Clause
Calling the Impeachment Inquiry an “Attempted Coup” is another example of his outrageous conduct, how IGNORANT he is of US laws and how unfit he is to be President
Said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep Adam Schiff should be Arrested for Treason when Schiff was only doing his job to hold this LAWLESS “President” accountable (who the majority didn’t vote for)
Impeachable ConductMore than 500 legal scholars from top universities stated in an open letter there’s “overwhelming evidence” Trump engaged in “impeachable conduct” in his dealings with Ukraine


One of the most HATED & LEAST popular Presidents in History


The MAJORITY hated Trump’s GUTS. That’s why they voted for BIDEN




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