Republican Rep Clay Higgins: FASCIST THUG!

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Republican Rep Clay Higgins proves he’s a FASCIST THUG by assaulting & removing a peaceful private citizen from the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, who was asking Rep Paul Gosar questions which Higgins apparently didn’t like.

I hope the guy Higgins removed files charges against Higgins to have him ARRESTED and SUES Higgins for everything he’s got!


ASSHOLE & BULLY Republican Rep Clay Higgins Tries Pushing Activist Into Street

Louisiana Republican Rep. Clay Higgins assaulted an activist who was questioning him on Capitol Hill.


“Higgins’ manhandling of an activist has revived criticism of his dark past as a cop. He quietly resigned from one police department in 2007 before he could face disciplinary action for alleged misconduct, including using unnecessary force against a Black man he encountered on the job. (Higgins initially lied about the incident to internal affairs before later admitting to slapping the man.) He later gained notoriety through viral videos he posted while working at another police department in which he wore his police uniform and threatened purported criminals with extrajudicial punishment”. [source:]


Man ATTACKED By GOP Congressman CAUGHT on Tape

Republican Congressman Clay Higgins attacked an activist who was asking Lauren Boebert a question.


Title from YouTube: “Congressman On Muslims: “Kill Them All”

Description from YouTube: “Congressman Clay Higgans thinks the US should kill all muslims for Christendom”.

(IMO, any guy who needs assault weapons to prove they’re a MAN is a PUSSY!)


Videos show how Republican “Conservatives” are Bullies who threaten, advocate, condone and engage in Violence as a means of getting what they want.





The above video shows registered Republican White Nationalists plowing his car into a crowd of people in Charlottesville VA killing 3, injuring 35







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