Trump NFT Digital Trading Cards Disaster

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Jesse talks about Donald Trump’s HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT that came in the form of selling “digital trading cards” with his pumpkin head photoshopped onto the cartoon bodies of superheroes and astronauts. Many, like Steve Bannon. disgusted by this… and many, like Jesse, are laughing at the hilarious predictability of it all.


Trump HUMILIATED After “Major Announcement” of “Digital Trading Cards”


Trump Makes A Fool Of Himself Hawking Weird Imaginary Trading Cards

Alex Wagner looks at Donald Trump’s weird new licensing deal selling schlocky photoshops of his face on action figure outfits that is so plainly scammy and cringe-inducing that even his most ardent supporters are covering their eyes and is only the latest in a recent string of stumbles as Trump’s star fades.


Trump’s Pathetic “Major Announcement” Is a Major Dud; GOP Coup Texts Leaked: A Closer Look”


Trump’s NFT Con Screws Over His Supporters Worse Than You Think

For the MAGA fanatics who scooped up Donald Trump’s NFT trading cards, the card itself wasn’t the only prize – they were also entered into a raffle for the chance to win a dinner with Trump himself. But there’s a catch that proves Trump is still planning on screwing over his supporters even further, and Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what that catch-22 is.


Trump NFT Scam Crashing

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