Trump SCREAMS at Fox News Host for calling him a LOSER

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Trump put out a furious press after Fox news hosts Bret Baier and guests Alan Dershowitz acknowledged that he lost the election and Arizona in particular. This shows that Trump cannot take criticism from his own side, let alone opponents. It also shows he lacks the temperament for leadership


Trump Got Crushed Worse Than Any President In 100 Years

According to the numbers, the last time a political party lost the White House, the House, and the Senate in a single term was in 1932, meaning that the Republican Party being ruled by Donald Trump was the biggest political loser in the past 100 years. This isn’t surprising in the least, as the Party hasn’t had a new idea in 40 years, and the public is quickly catching onto that.




Trump is a LOSER who LOST the 2020 Presidential Election, then LIED saying the election was “stolen” BC he was wasn’t MAN enough to admit he lost. What a disgusting piece of shit!


Michael Rapaport tells Trump his time is up… pack up your shit & get out!  OBSCENE LANGUAGE WARNING



Joe Biden won by over 7 million votes. Trump’s a Liar & a Lunatic who refuses to admit he lost!





Truck tows massive Trump ‘LOSER’ sign while driving on an interstate




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