Trump Business Empire CRUMBLES, Name Removed from Properties

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The Trump name / brand is so disliked, hated and toxic it’s being removed from properties all over the world which were once associated with him


Trump’s business pays price for poisonous politics

Donald Trump’s abrasive rhetorical style and divisive politics allowed him to essentially take over the Republican Party and garner a devoted support base but the same tactics that inspired fierce political loyalty have undermined Trump’s business.



Occupancy rates have plummeted at Trump Tower, making it one of the least desirable buildings in New York, according to a new report from Bloomberg



Above Video Claims Trump’s businesses are collapsing


Video claims Trump empire is falling in just about every way


Title from YouTube; “Trump’s Empire Is Crumbling”

Description from YouTube; “It’s right there in the first few pages of “Trump University Branding 101”: “The truth is, everything you say and do is important,” he wrote in the 2008 book’s foreword. “Actions matter.”


The Trump Organization laid off 1,500 people after it closed over a dozen properties due to the novel coronavirus pandemic

The Trump Organization has laid off or furloughed around 1,500 employees as a result of closures related to the novel coronavirus, the Washington Post reported. The move mirrors those made like other major hotel chains, like Marriott International. A report from The New York Times said the organization had contacted Deutsche Bank to ask if it could defer payments on outstanding loans.




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