Constituents call on George Santos to Resign!

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Rep. George Santos’ own New York constituents are trying to turn up the heat on the embattled congressman, delivering petitions to House leaders on Tuesday seeking his expulsion from Congress. Santos said he’s not deterred by the protests. A month into his term, Santos’ troubles are mounting.


Protesters rally outside Santos’ office, demand his resignation

Activists in NYC continue the calls for embattled Congressman George Santos to step down amid accusations of campaign lies.


Santos constituents go to capital in resignation call

Constituents of embattled Republican Rep. George Santos set out for Washington via bus early Tuesday, with plans on delivering petitions for his resignation directly to the freshman congressman, as well as Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.


High Schoolers From George Santos’ NY District Demand He Resign

‘I think he’s an embarrassment and a pathological liar’ — These high school students in George Santos’ NY congressional district are demanding the representative resign


George Santos wears a AR-15 Pin in a desperate attempt to look macho and “fit in” with other Despicable Republicans in Congress


George Santos wears a AR-15 Pin in a desperate attempt to “fit in,
look like he’s part of the Repub Club and look macho


Michael Rapaport goes off on George Santos!

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