Dictator Trump Demands Arrest of Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton

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Lunatic and Banana Republic Wanna-be Dictator Trump Demands the Department of Justice Arrest political rivals such as Joe Biden, Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton.

If Republicans were doing their jobs, they would immediately Impeach & Remove or Article 25 Trump for his Insane, Outrageous, Lawless, “Mafia Boss” conduct.

Per the article below;”Trump mounted a Twitter blitz demanding to jail his political enemies and call out allies he says are failing to arrest his rivals swiftly enough.

Trump twice amplified supporters’ criticisms of Attorney General William Barr, including one featuring a meme calling on him to “arrest somebody!” He wondered aloud why his rivals, like President Barack Obama, Democratic nominee Joe Biden and former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton hadn’t been imprisoned for launching a “coup” against his administration.

By early afternoon, Trump was letting loose his frustrations in an all-caps missive that seemed aimed at nobody in particular.

The day-long run of tweets and retweets marked the most frantic stretch of Trump’s public activity since he left the presidential suite at Walter Reed Medical Center and returned to treatment at the White House. They also underscored the degree to which Trump remains fixated on his grievances over the Russia probe, and often on obscure aspects of that investigation that are unintelligible to all but its most careful followers”.

‘Where are all of the arrests?’: Trump demands Barr lock up his foes

By early afternoon, Trump was letting loose his frustrations in an all-caps missive that seemed aimed at nobody in particular. “DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, THE BIGGEST OF ALL POLITICAL SCANDALS (IN HISTORY)!!! BIDEN, OBAMA AND CROOKED HILLARY LED THIS TREASONOUS PLOT!!! BIDEN SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO RUN – GOT CAUGHT!!!”


How Trump Has Been Acting Like a Dictator




Unlike Obama who had ZERO indictments and criminal convictions, TRUMP has had at least 37 indictments associated with his LAWLESS Régime.

As shown above… REPUBLICANS are ALWAYS the most LAWLESS and CORRUPT

There’s been so many scandals and outrageous behavior that it boggles the mind. According to the article below, there were 21 in 2018 alone.

21 scandals that rocked the Trump administration in 2018

Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” left aides scrambling to do damage control. Staff secretary Rob Porter resigned after his two ex-wives accused him of domestic violence. Rob Porter, a White House staff secretary and right-hand man to chief of staff John Kelly, resigned in early February after two of his ex-wives came forward with allegations of domestic abuse, sending the West Wing into chaos.


Mapping Corruption: The Interactive Exhibit

The Trump administration has brought its brand of corruption and self-dealing to every agency in the federal government, and it’s hard for anyone to keep on top of it all. We’ve mapped it out for you. Click on any agency building below, and unlock an extensive dossier of the activities happening inside.


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