Marjorie Taylor Greene Nuts: “Nazis Were Socialist”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene proves once again what a fact-free idiot she is claiming “You know, Nazis were the National Socialist Party. Just like the Democrats are now a national socialist party.”

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), speaking at an “America First” rally, May 27 –

Fact is, like Greene and her Republican Party… Nazis were Right Wing “Conservative” FASCISTS!

According to Wikipedia, “in 1933, with the support of more traditional right-wing conservatives, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and the Nazis gradually established a one-party totalitarian state, under which Jews, political opponents and other “undesirable” elements were marginalized, harassed, imprisoned and eventually exterminated.

Under Hitler, over 6 Million Jews were demonized, discriminated against, then rounded up and executed. This is just one example of “Mans inhumanity to Man” which were committed by RADICAL RIGHT-WING CONSERVATIVES.


Republicans are constantly demonizing Antifa. Being against Antifa means your against Democracy and FOR anti-democratic, authoritarian Fascism.

Repubs uses “Socialism”, “Antifa”, “George Soros” “Hillary Clinton” or “Nancy Pelosi” as boogeyman scapegoats for EVERYTHING. Just another example of how STUPID Republicans are.


Jamie Raskin’s response to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ludicrous suggestion that members of the House’s Jan. 6 committee are “communists.”


Adolf Hitler was not a socialist

A Republican representative described Adolf Hitler as a socialist and compared Democrats to Nazis. Sadly, Rep. Brooks is far from alone in his opinions.

Per the above article; “Hitler wasn’t a socialist. Nazism wasn’t a socialist project. And comparing American Democrats to Nazis is not just incorrect, but wrong. Nazism was a political project built on anti-Semitism, racism, and dictatorial verve, one that took place in a specific country and at a specific moment in history. We forget that fact at our own risk”.


Analysis | Greene’s ahistorical claim that the Nazis were socialists

The official name of the Nazi party included the word “socialist.” But that doesn’t mean Hitler was a socialist.

Per the article above; “Those who apparently do not know history are doomed to make basic mistakes. The official name of the Adolf Hitler’s political party — the Nazis — had the word “socialist” in it. Ergo, it must have been a socialist party. And that means that Democrats, some of whom call themselves socialists, must be Nazis”.

Greene is not the first Republican lawmaker to make this false observation.

The full name of Hitler’s party was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. In English, that translates to National Socialist German Workers’ Party. But it was not a socialist party; it was a right-wing, ultranationalist party dedicated to racial purity, territorial expansion and anti-Semitism — and total political control.

The Nazi party was largely supported by small-business men and conservative industrialists.



Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks Socialism By Describing Horrors Of Capitalism

Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to tweet out an attack on socialism this week by saying that it would lead to everything in this country being owned by just a few people or groups, and the rest of us would be left poor with absolutely nothing. Twitter was quick to point out that she is actually describing the current system that we have in the United States under capitalism, which caused her to try to backtrack and trip over her own conspiracy theory.


Already under fire for pushing wild conspiracy theories, Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is now being condemned for comparing COVID-19 safety measures like mask-wearing and vaccinations to the actions of the Nazi regime.


Facts and the Truth mean nothing to Radical Right Wing Anti-Democratic Fascists like Trump & Marjorie Taylor Greene… it’s all about brain washing their base into believing only THEM.



The above video exposes how Republicans are hypocrites who engage in, and condone Socialism for the Rich in the form of corporate bails-outs, tax payer funded sports stadiums, farm subsidies (22 billion in 2019 when Trump was President), but harsh “pull yourself by up by your own bootstraps” Capitalism for everyone else.

For decades, Republicans has used the term “Socialism” and “Socialist” as a scare tactic to try and keep people from voting for Democrats.

Republicans like to proclaim… “The United States will NEVER be a Socialist Country”.

Well, it already is and they’re either too stupid to realize it, or too dishonest to admit it. Here’s examples of Socialism we all take for granted…

Guaranteed public education

Public transportation

Fire departments

Police departments

Public libraries

Every branch of the US military

Roads & highways

Social Security


Public, not private prisons & jails

Public hospitals

The Veterans Affairs Administration

Public universities

Public parks

Public toilets

Public drinking fountains

Public parking

Public everything



Here’s some of the typical ridiculous claims Republicans make about Democrats and “Socialism”.


Taxpayers, stadiums, and sports socialism

Taxpayer funded construction of sports stadiums is rarely an investment that generates enough revenue to justify the expense.

John Elroy executive vice president of football operations for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL), say’s he’s a Republican because he’s against “safety nets”.

Republicans keep saying they are less government and wasteful spending. As shown in this video, a Democrat Mayor in Atlanta said NO to construction of a new taxpayer funded sports stadium while a Republican in a nearby town said YES.

This is an example of “Welfare for the Wealthy” and how Republicans have no problem using millions of taxpayer money for sports, but do not want to help regular Americans and the poor.

Sports and Farm Bill Socialism “safety nets” is OK fine with Republicans but most of these Repub scrooges don’t believe in helping the poor.






Rubes can’t win on the merits of anything they’ve done to improve citizens lives so they LIE, use devise social issues and Rig Elections by Gerrymandering, Decrease the number of Days and Hours people can Vote, Purge Minorities off Voters Rolls, Decrease Drop-boxes, Decrease Voting Machines in Urban areas, Limit Polling locations / hours, Make it harder to Vote by Mail and if all else fails, passed laws to overturn election results they don’t like.





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