Wimpy Joe Biden Says Republicans are “Not Our Enemy”

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Wimpy Joe Biden Says Republicans are “Not Our Enemy” as they try to destroy our Democracy.

Joe Biden is a nice old man and comes from a bygone era of decency and civility. That is not the world we live in today. During the 8 years Obama was President, Republicans did everything possible to obstruct and destroy his presidency, disrespecting the overwhelming wishes of the majority which elected him to being President.  They proved to be LAWLESS by not holding Trump accountable for his crimes. They are bullies who need to be dealt with RUTHLESSLY. Playing Hard-Ball is all they understand. This is why I wanted someone else who has some BALLS to be the Democratic candidate and President.


Exit Polls showed 65% of the people who voted for Biden were actually voting against Trump. A younger candidate like Tim Ryan could have been more motivating and gotten more votes.




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