Trump’s “Truth Social” Should be Called “LIES SOCIAL”

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Truth Social should be called “LIES SOCIAL” because Trump and his followers can use the platform to spread lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories, unabated.  The “truth” for Trump is what ever he wants it to be, facts be-damned!

Per CNN’s Youtube description for the video above; “Trump has launched “Truth Social,” a new social media app, in response to his ban from multiple mainstream platforms. CNN’s Brian Stelter details how the launch of the app is going so far, and what it could mean for Trump’s influence going forward”


The Fact Checker is keeping a running list of all of President Trump’s false or misleading claims, reviewing every word the president says (or tweets) to compile an exhaustive catalogue of misstatements. In the course of his more than 30,000 false or misleading claims, Trump made more false or misleading statements in his third year than he did in his first two. Almost a fifth of these claims were during campaign style rallies and more than a tenth were about immigration. Here’s what you need to know. Read more on the Fact Checker database:


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Trump is furious that his new social media site, Truth Social is a failure and he’s reportedly raging at his aides for the disaster. The truth is that even Trump himself isn’t using the site, even though he has sent out no fewer than 55 “statements” that his press secretary is forced to share on Twitter, not on Truth Social.


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