Lauren Boebert Proves Religious Values are BULLSHIT

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Lauren Boebert who claims to be religious, proves her Christian Religious Values are BULLSHIT: Caught ‘explicitly groping’ on at family-friendly play, her husband harassing neighbors, police called about domestic violence and “religious upbringing” resulted in her teenage son arrested in Colorado after allegedly going on a crime spree.


Boebert Scandal GETS EVEN WORSE with New Camera Angle Surfacing


Lauren Boebert’s Son Arrested After Allegedly Going On Crime Spree

Lauren Boebert’s teenage son has been arrested in Colorado after allegedly going on a crime spree. The 18-year-old, who became a father last year, was hit with 22 charges that ranged from contributing to the delinquency of a minor, all the way to possessing a “financial device” which is typically used for identity theft and credit card fraud. This new family drama could easily put an end to Boebert’s reelection chances


Lauren Boebert’s son was just arrested on 20+ criminal charges


GOOD CHRISTIAN Lauren Boebert says there should be “No Separation of Church and State”


The above meme is a great example of how Republicans are hypocrites who don’t follow Christ’s teachings;
‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’.



Evangelicals now think Jesus was a liberal wimp


There is no area where the Republican Party and Christianity intersect, and yet far too many Christians claim that they vote for Republicans on religious grounds. This is pure hypocrisy – you can’t be both a good Christian and a Republican loyalist, as the two truly are mutually exclusive.


Why Your Moral Intuition is Better Without Religion


How Religion Makes You Stupid

Established Religions have been used as a way to “control the masses” and brainwashes people into believing BULLSHIT.

This is why Republicans are used accepting and believing BS which defy truth and logic, including lies from FOX pundits and political leaders like Trump who has according to fact checkers, made over 30,000 false or misleading statements since being installed as President by the Electoral College (wasn’t elected by the majority).

There’s millions of people in the US (primary right-wingers) who really believe televangelists like Kenneth Copeland saying his “Wind of God” will destroy Covid-19 and Hank Kunneman “God is sparing the U.S. from Coronavirus because of the Trump administration”.



The above Video explains how Religions have been brainwashing people with bullshit from the Dark Ages, which have no basis in facts or science. That’s why Religious “Conservatives” are so gullible and believe lies by idiotic morons like TRUMP.

Most people who go to church go because that’s what there were taught to do by their parents and it gives the appearance that they are good people.  Most are hypocrites who fail to uphold the religious values which they’ve been taught.


3 Ways Christianity Was Largely Responsible For The Holocaust

While Christianity wasn’t the sole catalyst for the Holocaust, there is no doubt that Christianity set the stage for the Holocaust to happen.


Most of the problems in our society are caused by Ignorant, Radical Right-Wing Religious “Conservatives”. Hitler was a violent Right-Winger and so is War Criminal Vladimir Putin.

Per the above article; “Christianity was culturally oppressive to the Jews – In the eyes of the Christian church, Jews were heretics and Jesus-killers. Since they rejected the teachings of salvation, they deserved to go to Hell. Hitler hijacked German Christians’ existing prejudice towards Jews. Hitler merely played on the prejudices created by Christianity to blame the problems that were largely created by Christianity, on the Jews. Thus, Christianity played a central role in setting the stage for the Holocaust”.



Similar to Hitler who stated, “I am fighting for the work of the Lord”, Republican Christian Nationalists use religion to justify their extreme conduct while believing God is on they’re side.



NDE’s prove the afterlife is a natural transition which every human being will experience when they die.

People from around the world… who believed in different religions or no religion, and didn’t believe in a God, had similar experiences. Some describe having a ‘life review’ in which a person rapidly sees the totality of their life. They report being shown how every living person creates a ripple which is felt by people they interact with, and that ripple can be felt by other people they never met. They report seeing the faces of people they encountered during their lives and feeling joy when they helped someone. They also felt the pain they caused for those who they hurt. This appears to be part of the ‘judgment’ reference in the bible.

Clinically Dead Man Travels To The Afterlife A powerful and profound story on death, the afterlife, and NDE. Featuring the story of Mellen-Thomas Benedict


Harvard Neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander had an NDE (Near-Death Experience) and discovered what happens after death. He saw seven beings/angels, and after leaving his body was shown future events. Gary’s NDE (Near-Death Experience) showed him that there is life after death, and it was a life-altering experience that changed him forever.


Woman Near-Death Experience After Ending Her Life Reveals Future And A Memory Sealed Into My Soul


Paramedic Dies In Crash; Shown That Life Goes On Forever During Incredible Near Death Experience


Woman With 22 years Of Research Into After Effects Near Death Experiences, Gave Her View On Mankind


Surgeon Struck by Lightning : Discovers the God Energy

Tony Cicoria shares the story of his Near-Death Experience, leaving his body after being Struck by Lightning in a phone booth during a family gathering on Sleepy Hollow Lake in New York. During his encounter on the Other Side, he traveled outside of his body into a river of pure positive energy and came to realize that his Spirit continues forever. Upon his return to his body, he began to hear classical music in his dreams and taught himself how to compose the music he heard on the piano. Tony shares how the Experience transformed his life and how his relationship with Death was changed forever.


We are born with a physical body and spiritual body. When we die, we naturally transition to the next level of life.


God is Intelligent Energy

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