Republicans Want Supreme Court Justice Protestors Arrested

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Republicans partisan hypocrisy exposed by demanding Abortion Rights Protestors in front of Justices homes be arrested while consistently defending January 6 Rioters who attacked the Capital.  Ted Cruz lies on Fox News, claiming January 6 “Protestors” (actually Rioters) were peaceful while he calls Abortion Rights Protestors THUGS. Cruz accuses “Democrats & the Corporate Media” of slandering January 6 Rioters.


Republicans Resort To Double Standard To Stir Outrage Over Supreme Court Protests

Double standard of Republicans and Fox News exposed over peaceful protests outside the houses of Supreme Court justices while making excuses for January 6th rioters and ignoring the actual violence they committed


Trump Supporters Protest in Front of Michigan Secretary of State Home

Republicans said NOTHING when Trump supporters protested in front of Michigan Secretary of State’s Home, proving what double standards PARTISAN HACKS they are.

Arresting / Prosecuting protestors in front of the homes of REPUBLICAN Supreme Court justices is about silencing and punishing those who disagree with Anti-Democratic Fascist REPUBLICANS. This is how Anti-Democratic Fascist Right-Wingers behave around the world… LOCK UP those who protest and speak out against their OPPRESSION.


Florida Republicans Make Protesting Illegal

Florida Republicans Anti-Protest law is about quashing and punishing those who disagree with Republicans anti-democratic authoritarian agenda.


Anti-Democratic Fascist Tom Cotton Wants More Americans In Jail

The US has the highest amount of incarceration in the world. Senator Tom Cotton recently stated that he thinks even more Americans should be in prison.

Tom Cotton belongs in Russia or North Korea!


The US incarcerates more people than any other country in the world… even more than Communist China.



Tom Cotton Accepted $1 Million From Israel To Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal

How much money does it take for a foreign nation to buy a United States Senator? Just ask Republican Tom Cotton. For a lousy $1 million paycheck, Israel hired Cotton to lead an effort to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal that the Obama Administration toiled for months to achieve.

According to the above article, Tom Cotton Accepted $1 Million From Israel To Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal

The report states “Bill Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel donated to Cotton’s senatorial campaign and not long after taking office, Cotton penned a letter signed by 47 of his colleagues to Iranian leaders in an attempt to get them to abandon the negotiations by warning that a Republican president will not honor any deal struck. Then Cotton openly made an oath to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a trip to Israel in which he pledged his allegiance to Israel and vowed to sabotage the Iran deal”.


Bush kept America safe, ignoring 9/11

At every opportunity, Tom Cotton made hateful, unpatriotic, ridiculous, pathological comments about President Obama as he did in the above video.

Tom Cotton’s claim that “Bush kept us safe” while ignoring the largest attack on the United States on American soil during Bush’s watch shows what stupid, disgusting partisan hack he is, who’s unfit to be a DOG CATCHER. The fact the majority of people in Arkansas keep voting for this idiot shows how stupid the people in the state of Arkansas are.

Cotton is a classic example of why the Republican party is the STUPID party, because only stupid people would vote for such an idiot.








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