Trump STINKS: GAG-Worthy Details REVEALED

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Ex-congressman Aadam Kinzinger discusses Trump’s GAG-Worthy stench which he describes as smelling like butt, ketchup, Body Odor and makeup LOL


Trump’s B.O. Comes Back To HAUNT Him…and Everyone Else

Former President Donald Trump fired back that Adam Kinzinger farted on live TV. Cenk Uygur, Brian Unger and Rayyvana discuss on The Young Turks


MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on how a former Republican Congressman opened the Pandora’s Box into a secret that Donald Trump may never recover from.


Trump CAN’T ESCAPE his OWN Wicked Stench


Comedians Mock Smelly Donald Trump


Does Trump Sh*t Himself?


Trump In Panic Mode After People Confirm That He Smells Bad

In what might be one of the weirdest stories of the year, Donald Trump and his reelection campaign are now in damage control mode after former Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger said that Donald Trump smells bad. After Kinzinger’s claims, more people came forward to say that, YES, Trump has a distinct smell, and stories from years ago also seem to corroborate the claims. THIS is what Trump’s team is now focusing on instead of addressing the very REAL problems with his reelection.



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