Why Tim Ryan is MY Kind of Candidate

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Tim Ryan wipes up the floor with Radical Right Wing Republican J.D. Vance in the above video and stands up for average Joe working class Americans.


Tim Ryan took on the Fox News Propaganda machine during a Townhall against his opponent JD Vance. Ryan turned Fox News’ biased questioning into applauds from a heavy Right Wing Crowd.


I’m from Ohio and Tim Ryan was my pick for the Democrat’s Presidential Candidate. Unfortunately, he received little notice. As you can see from the above speech (and others on youtube), Ryan could have DESTROYED Trump and Republicans.


Tim Ryan Expresses Frustration With GOP and Infrastructure


Tim Ryan TORCHES Republicans in fiery floor speech for focusing on Dr. Seuss


Tim Ryan gives angry rebuke of Republicans opposing Jan. 6 commission


Democratic Senate Candidate, Rep. Tim Ryan, joins MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss his race against Trump-backed Republican, author J.D. Vance, and explains how he’s remained competitive in a state like Ohio.


Rep. Tim Ryan: Republicans Are ‘Pro-Insurrection And Anti-Infrastructure’


Democrats were STUPID for selecting Joe Biden as their presidential candidate, who’s uninspiring, non-motivating and put-you-to-sleep boring. While he’s indisputably a decent person, I felt Biden was Democrats worst choice for their Presidential candidate. He’s the easiest for the Right to demonize as being “Sleepy Joe”, having “Dementia” and being “unfit” due to how he looks and acts. Of course, Trump is way worse.

Human beings mental & physical capacities decrease with age so the maximum age to run for the 1st term of President of the United States should be 64, no older.


It’s not just me who has “misgivings” about Biden… Democratic Voters share Concerns about a second Biden run on YouTube


This old cartoon reminds me of how Republicans has been bulling Democrats for years. Democrats need more “Tim Ryan’s” who will kick some ass!



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