Coward Mo Brooks Hiding to Evade Being Served Lawsuit

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On January 6, 2021, Mo Brooks sounded like a Southern-Fried  Redneck with his speech telling dumb-ass Trump Supporting Republicans to “Take down names and kick ass!”

After lawsuits were filed to hold him accountable for his part in instigating the DC Riots, Mo Brooks proved to be a “Alligator Mouth, Puppy Dog Ass” by hiding to evade being served Rep. Eric Swalwell’s lawsuit.


Republican DOXXED Himself Over Capitol Riot Lawsuit

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks was bragging about evading a lawsuit over the January Riots, only to cry about it on Twitter when he was finally served.



5/7/21 UPDATE:  Alabama GOP Rep. Mo Brooks was served with a lawsuit filed by California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell seeking to hold him partially accountable for the January 6 insurrection.


Mo Brooks Goes Completely Off The Deep End After Getting Served by Eric Swalwell


Mo Brooks Finally Gets Served With Lawsuit And Now He’s Crying That It Was Illegal

Republican Representative Mo Brooks has finally been served with the lawsuit by Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell for his involvement in allegedly inciting the Capitol Riot, and Brooks is not happy about it. Brooks has been avoiding the lawsuit servers for over a month, and Swalwell had to go as far as to hire a private investigator to track down Brooks in order to serve him. And now that it has happened, Brooks says that the serving was illegal.



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