New York AG Launches Criminal Probe Into Trump Organization!

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New York’s attorney general is now pursuing a criminal investigation into the Trump organization!



Prosecutor in Trump Case Convenes Grand Jury to Consider Indictments

Late Night with Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the prosecutor in the criminal investigation of Donald Trump’s business dealings convening a grand jury that could decide whether to indict Trump or executives at his company.


Goldman Thinks Trump Organization Will Likely Go Bankrupt If Indicted


Trump’s Tax Returns And The Level Of Data Uncovered

David Fahrenthold, political reporter for the Washington Post discusses the story he broke about the Manhattan district attorney convening a grand jury in its criminal probe into Donald Trump, and speaks to what kind of data and witnesses are likely to be used.


Investigators Are Treating Trump Organization Like A Mafia Family

Legal experts and former prosecutors believe that the investigators in New York are treating the entire Trump Organization as if it were a criminal enterprise, similar to a Mafia crime family. Because of this, they believe that the prosecutors might be attempting to use RICO laws to charge all of the members of the organization with the same criminal acts. If true, this would mean that there would likely be no one that is safe from prosecution in the upper tiers of the business


Former Prosecutor Reacts To Trump Org. Criminal Investigation News

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann reacts to the bombshell news that the Trump Organization is now being investigated in a “criminal capacity.”


Michael Cohen On Trump Probe: Everyone In The Company Lied For Donald

“This isn’t about flipping, folks. This is about telling the truth. And the problem is—everybody lied for Donald. It wasn’t just me. It was the entire company,” says Michael Cohen discussing the pressure on Allen Weisselberg and other Trump-Org members amid criminal probe.


Trump grand jury suggests prosecutors found evidence of a crime, experts say

The Washington Post reports that a grand jury has convened to hear evidence against Trump, other executives at his company, or the business itself. Experts say this suggests the prosecutors themselves believe they have found evidence of a crime.


‘Shaking In His Boots’: Former Trump Org Exec Speaks On Grand Jury In Criminal Probe

The Manhattan DA convened a grand jury to hear evidence and weigh charges against former president Donald Trump and the employees of the Trump Organization as part of the criminal probe into the company, according to reporting from the Washington Post. Prosecutors are attempting to pressure the Trump Organization’s CFO Allen Weisselberg into cooperating. Former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res and former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade join MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the escalation in the investigation.


Trump’s Legal Storm: Key Money Man Speaks To Grand Jury

As the New York DA has been bearing down on the Trump Organization’s money people, financial expert Jeffrey McConney has now faced a grand jury that may decide the fate of Donald Trump himself. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the latest in the investigation.



Florida Officials Are Preparing For Trump To Be Indicted

How close is Donald Trump to being indicted in New York? Close enough for officials in Palm Beach, Florida to be preparing extradition efforts, should the need arise. Officials in South Florida are working out their plans on how to arrest Trump and get him sent to New York if the investigation leads to indictments against the former President. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


Shielding Trump From Extradition If Indicted Is A Thing People Are Working On

Rachel Maddow shares reporting on the possibility that, if Donald Trump is indicted and a warrant is issued for his arrest, Ron DeSantis might find a way to prevent Trump from being extradited for prosecution.



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