Flynn & Republicans Calling for Coup Should Be Arrested

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Michael Flynn & Republicans advocating a Coup to put Trump back in the White House as President should be arrested for sedition

Former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter spoke to CNN’s Ana Cabrera about former President Trump’s one-time national security adviser Michael Flynn appearing to endorse a Myanmar-style coup in the United States.


Mike Flynn Calls for Myanmar-Style Coup in America Over Memorial Day!

Jesse talks about Memorial Day in America and the dangerous and anti-American rhetoric of Michael Flynn who said we “should have” a Myanmar-like coup here in America. Also discussed are recent comments on Fox News from Tucker Carlson when he asked the question on live TV, “When are we going to have a real insurrection?”


Michael Flynn proves what a lawless piece of shit he is by pleading the Fifth when asked about the morality and legality of the violence on Jan. 6 at the Capitol and the peaceful transfer of power in the United States.


After Trump’s Big Lie, Will America Stay A Democracy?

A new indictment against four members of the far-right militia group the Oath Keepers was unsealed on Sunday, charging them with conspiring to obstruct the constitutionally-mandated count of electoral votes. Joy Reid and her guests address what political trends such as this emanating from the right mean for the future of our Democracy.






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